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Best food for Dogs with food allergies




Best food for Dogs with food allergies

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Positive feedback:

I got a one year dog as a gift from my friend, as he was so busy, he couldn’t care enough for his dog .

by the way I never had a dog before, so I went to buy the cheapest product out there, didn’t look for the ingredients I always looked at the price only

By the way ,that was a big mistake and I will tell you why  

cause, after two weeks from that food ,my dog kept ribbing it’s skin until it turned red !

I went to the vet and he told me that it has a very sensitive stomach ,then he recommended Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food as the best food for dogs with food allergies in the market .

I started looking for it on the internet then I discovered it has a decent price too, seems a good deal

I asked the seller if this food will be good for my dog ,he listened to me then told me “your dog will love it, you will see great results, it’s the best food for dogs with food allergies”

I took the action then ordered four pieces, the package arrived on time, In a great condition too

I started giving My dog it’s new food ,one time after another, he loved it  

nearly one month later, my dog stopped ribbing it’s skin and biting it, I was so happy with the results so far

it has been three months since started giving the food to my dog, it’s getting a lot better every time !



best food for dogs with food allergies


I’m writing this feedback to you cause my German Shepard was having a lot of stomach problems before trying this product , it’s really the best food for dogs with food allergies.

Any food however it’s price cause the same problem. Gases, rubbing his skin, hot spots, I was so worried

I didn’t know what’s his problem .

My Mum recommended me to go to the vet and that’s what happened !

I went there and he examined my dog then told me that my dog suffers from sensitive stomach and I must gave him a proper food

after these words I became so sad cause I know that I couldn’t handle expensive food

he told me not to worry as he will recommend something with a cheap price comparing to its results.

then he recommended Fitapet Allergy Relief for Itchy Dogs as the best food for dogs with food allergies out there

I listened to his words then I went online, to be honest I was looking for the price at first then I discovered that it’s all natural ingredients

so without hesitation ,I ordered it online

one little thing I need to mention , I asked the seller a lot of  questions ,he was so friendly knowing that I was so worried and told me to calm down and my dog will be more than fine

I ordered two pieces , The package came in time

then, I started giving him his new food ,he loved it



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