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Pricing: $ 15.99

Good review:

My dogs love this. However, the size is for big dogs, mine are 5 lbs. So I have to cut them up and lose a lot in the process. Your advertisement showing a small dog is deceiving.

My dog’s favorite. Smells so good. Our dogs love these, Especially the blueberries. When you open a bag all you can smell is blueberry. And we’re helping a dog in need.

My Yorkie loves these and feel great about giving them. Great product.

great product, it is a little big of what my dog is used to eat, however I just cut it best hypoallergenic dog food into two piece and he loved it.

Tried these for the first time & even my fussy Havanese loved them. Highly recommended.

My dogs wait in line for these cookies. They love, love these. They smell good too. I buy them a lot, but I feel that they are expensive, but they are so worth it. Made in the USA is also important to us.

I bought these specifically for my pit bull with a very sensitive stomach. Not only does he love them but he’s had no issues eating them. I’ve tried other “healthy” delights that have disagreed with best hypoallergenic dog food him. These are awesome.

My dog absolutely loves these treats and they fit nicely into his treat ball.

You almost want to eat these yourself.Smells great. They are definitely handmade.

My dog loves these. I tried a bit and it does taste like blueberry.

The dogs love these biscuits. They’re crunchy without being too hard and really smell like blueberry biscuits.

Wasn’t sure about these, but my pup loves them. Will be ordering more.

My fur babies love these. Hopefully the new puppy’s breath will improve. Haven’t had them long enough to see.

The dogs and I all had one best hypoallergenic dog food today. Great delights.


I have a little 5 months Chihuahua , got him from a friend, didn’t know anything about dogs before or their food



Bad review:

Sorry but my doggies do not like it. My doggie don’t even touch it. My doggie don’t care for this product. I tried breaking it up and giving the full size he just doesn’t won’t it. good luck.

Okay, hard to break for a small Yorkie My dogs like these delights. Big disappointment! These were no bargain to begin with. Will not order again.

My dog loves these. They are pretty hard so it was difficult for his to chew at first but now that he can chew them better, he really loves them. best hypoallergenic dog food Update: Ordered these a second time and I was slightly disappointed. They didn’t smell like blueberry or the other flavors I selected.


I ordered Hypoallergenic Dog Treats after my friend told me it’s the best hypoallergenic dog food in the market.

the package came one day after time, so I had to buy another one from local store to give it to my dog that’s my problem !


My dog has a tiny mouse he couldn’t bite his treats at first like his old one, but that give a great results way better than it’s old one

until it got along with it’s size and now he love it, I am loving this great results  .

I highly recommend it for Sensitive Stomach and skin dogs, decent price too.



Pricing: $ 21.97

Good review:

My dog loved it. I usually have a hard time feeding her medications or supplements but she takes this with ease. It also calms my mind knowing she’s not contending as much on our walks anymore.

By far one of the best additions I’ve bought for my doggie. she has some stomach problems but this gives her the food she’s not getting from her kibble. In addition, they act like treats so she’s never turning his nose away when it’s time to take them.

I hope it’s working. My puppy has been on antibiotics for a few months for a best hypoallergenic dog food ear infection. So far so good.

Received this item very quickly and I gave my doggie a tablet right away (she has just had his meal so I wasn’t concerned about an upset stomach). she ate it right away but my doggie isn’t a picky eater. I was still glad it was a pill she could take like a treat and not something I would need to cover w food. The doggie is 8 years.

My doggie eat these as delight and in his food, doesn’t smell bad and he loves them I will buy another one and will follow best hypoallergenic dog food up in a month or so when I see how the arthritis is. Looks to be improving so far as she does walk around more. Would recommend.

I like to bring my puppy along when I run and recently I started looking around for joint support supplements for my pup. I was recommended these by a friend and I have to say I’m very happy. My dog eats them with no struggle back, seems like she’s got an extra pep in her step. amazing product, I know this will keep her my side or running wild at the dog best hypoallergenic dog food parks.


Well I live in a small apartment with two dogs my problem was with Axel my five years old dog , when he eats


After every meal, a lot of gasses comes out, we couldn’t stand him especially it’s a small room.


at first I changed his diet a lot, gave him natural ,home food. He feels good only for one day then the problem come again


I told myself no way I can live lie that and I was worried about him too.


so I went to the vet , the doctor there told me that it has a very sensitive stomach ,then he recommended Probiotics For Dogs & Arthritis Support as the best hypoallergenic dog food and to give him a tablet after every meal


I didn’t hear about this product before, so I went on the internet to order the product


I asked a lot of silly questions to the seller and he was so friendly with me, comforting me that everything will be okay, and I will love the results

the package came right in time ,perfectly locked


I started giving a tablet to my dog after every meal, he loves it as a treat I don’t’ have to hide it in the food .


after four or five days the gasses  became fewer with time


after exactly one month my little friend got better, it’s health became much better, no gasses at all , it was a big mistake not hearing about this product before


now I can run with my dog like the old days, fearing nothing



Bad review:

I’ve had my pup on probiotics for some time and thought I’d give this one a try based on the reviews. Big mistake. I followed correct dosing. My dog suffered three indoor accidents during the four weeks she was in this addition. she is not normally accident prone. And of course, this is the opposite intent of using a probiotic. Immediately upon taking her off this supplement, the accidents ceased, and after giving her body a few days to recover I started her on another probiotic with zero problems. This seller is one who emails you after your order. Yet best hypoallergenic dog food when I replied to let the seller know what happened, I received no response.


I ordered Probiotics For Dogs & Arthritis Support after a friend saw my dog vomiting, with a bad smell too .

He told me it’s the best hypoallergenic dog food in the market.

the package arrived on time that’s not the problem


I thought there will be more tablets in the bottle, I think it’s my mistake at first place that I didn’t read the details


after giving the tablets to my dog after every meal,he is much better than before no gasses at all !

I was amazed with its great results comparing to it’s cheap price.

I highly recommend,Thanks






Pricing: $ 25.49

Good review:

Dogs really liked it at first, now just kind of turn their nose until really hungry. Very expensive also.

Our dogs get this sprinkled on their expensive kibble and these delights encourage them to eat.

Let me first mention that I have a pup. he sometimes likes his food and sometimes doesn’t. Having said that, he does seem to enjoy this food. The only reason I didn’t give it all stars is because he is so selective and when he doesn’t eat it, I believe it’s because of her, not the food.

My dog ate it at first then put best hypoallergenic dog food her nose up at it after a few meals he’s old and finicky but the product seems great.

They love it, but way too expensive . I would probably use it for training purposes only.

my pup seems to like it and there were no issue switching to this product.

Great product, a bit pricey. Perfect for traveling. Love it just too expensive for me Dogs love it. My dog liked it. I would prefer larger packaging or a deal on several small bags.

top quality, doesn’t smell bad, dog likes it, healthy. only quibble is how hard the best hypoallergenic dog food nuggets are even after soaking. I have to crush first and soak them. Our dog is older and had several teeth pulled so that is part of the problem too. Will buy again, just can’t feed all the time.

My dogs love this food, it is really healthy for them. My puppies love this food. However, it’s way too expensive. I would switch foods if the price were more reasonable. Dog likes it , I use about a cup mixed with warm water with a cup of her regular food. Only problem is it’s just too expensive to use regularly. best hypoallergenic dog food


My four years dog was having a lot of troubles before trying this product !


Any food however how expensive it is or cheap lead to the same problem , cause him the same problems gases, rubbing his skin, I was so worried

I didn’t know what to do .


My father told me to go to the vet ,he examined my little friend then told me that my dog suffers from sensitive stomach and I must gave him natural food and it will be expensive


after these words I became so sad


when I looked like that he told me it’s not a big deal but I have to give him a proper food for his condition , after that he recommended Real Meat Organic Dog Food .


I took his advice for granted and went online, to be honest I was looking for the price then suddenly it’s price was fairly good


I took the action and ordered it online


before that I kept asking the seller a lot of  questions ,he was so friendly knowing that I was so worried and told me to calm down and my dog will be alright


I ordered 1 piece for test, The package came in time, every bag in a well condition.


I started giving him this food with no water he loved it’s taste, didn’t reject it like it always did with other products


Now I’m sure it’s the best hypoallergenic dog food for big reasons , cause after three weeks my dog looked amazing.

My dog gained healthy weight ,looks much better, I didn’t expect that fast results


No gases, throwing up, hair failing , he looks much healthier than before


My vet made me a great favor for recommending the best hypoallergenic dog food for sensitive stomach, no words can describe how much I’m happy


I really recommend the product for it’s great results, Special thanks from a happy dog owner


Bad review:

Did not come with waste bag roll as was advertised. Our dog would not touch it. It’s unfortunate, because I thought this food would be the solution to his finicky appetite, but he says “No way!”.

So let me start out by saying my dog loves this food and I do also, however on my last order that I placed I paid for and ordered according to what the the ad said were 14 oz. bags. The problem was that I received 10 oz bags. I ordered 5 bags, so I was shorted 20 ozs. as this food is not best hypoallergenic dog food cheap that was about $60 worth of feed. Sure I sent it back and will get a refund but I really want the feed I had paid for, meaning the 70 ozs of food not 50 ozs. I hope this was a one time mistake but make sure you check your orders.



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