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Best Large Breed Puppy Food

best puppy food for large breed dogsPricing: $ 49.99

Why it is the best large breed puppy food:

I haven’t tried it personally, but my puppy loves this stuff. My puppy liked it so much and it is natural. I received it very quickly and my puppy loves it. My puppy loves this food. Mine aren’t too excited about eating this. I may try another flavor. My dogs aren’t too happy with it, unfortunately. They’ll only eat when starving. Rats. I wish they liked it more. Happy with this food. Plan to order adult size in the similar brand. Blue buffalo wilderness is the best. My lab loves it. It’s good. Our puppy loved this stuff but it’s just Best Large Breed Puppy Food is too expensive.

We read comments on this and then was better. I recommend this stuff. Our puppy did well on this food, although it is very expensive. We have kept him on this brand, as he still seems to need grain free food. My puppy loves this with a bit of warm water mixed in (although he will eat it dry.) His coat and skin seem better since starting him on the grain free a few months back. Just got to mix to put my lab on our food, nothing bad to say about this food though. A little expensive, Best Large Breed Puppy Food but other than that it was great.

This is a really good high-quality food but the only issue I have is that it gives my lab unbearable gas. Puppies likes it, but it seems to remove as much or more than with brands containing grains and other unwanted ingredients. Price seems to be higher than local pet specialty stores. This product is everything that blue claims. Grain free. My pup enjoyed this food at first but eventually seemed like he got tired of it. Works great for my puppy. He’s so shiny and soft and doesn’t have any potty issues. A little expensive Best Large Breed Puppy Food but worth it for your loved ones.

Why it is not the best large breed puppy food:

Neither dog really liked it. I’m just happy I only bought a small bag.

Wasn’t sure about shelf life. She had diarrhea after she ate it so I became nervous but was fine afterward

My puppy had a little bad reaction on his skin but he still loved eating it. Now trying the red meat. Let’s see what happens this time.

The bag had a hole in it and a less “life source” bit than from the pet store.

Tried mixing it with my puppy’s original food as recommended. Non-stop hot  Best Large Breed Puppy Food liquid all day. Changed back to old food and solid poops are back.




Pricing: $ 62.99

Why it is the best large breed puppy food:

Did not see much difference in coat or attitude. But, the dog seems to like the taste. Lost interest in it after a week or two.

It is quite pricey and our dog likes it but I can tell it’s not his favorite. He seems disappointed when he gets it as a treat for inside tricks. Also, we have tried both this and the weight loss version and I think the other one is less powdery and our dog likes it more. This one leaves a ton of powder in his bowl. But I think he does look like he Best Large Breed Puppy Food has lost a pound or two.

Mu pup loves the food. He is a picky but he likes this food. My vet tried to get me to use science diet low fat due to his history of pancreatitis but it caused more gi issues due to the sub par ingredients. You would not believe the junk they place into some dog foods.

My dog did great on this food. He is long haired and his coat is so soft. I only gave it four stars as his breath smells so so bad on this food. I just figured out it Best Large Breed Puppy Food was the wellness brand food because I switched him to another brand a few days ago and his bad breath was gone by the next day. So now we are using that brand instead.

I’m a big believer in dog food because I never have vet bills and my dogs are so healthy. This is the perfect dog food I have ever found. It beats blue buffalo hands-down. My pup absolutely goes insane for breakfast and dinner. Their black coats are so shiny they almost appear iridescent in the sunlight. I get compliments everywhere I go asking me what the Best Large Breed Puppy Food secret is. Absolutely gorgeous coats. It’s pricey but definitely worth it.

Why it is not the best large breed puppy food:

I was in process of transitioning my golden to wellness core. The first one was delivered in good shape and my dog loved it. Unfortunately, the second order was delivered in bad shape and upon opening, found holes on the side of food packet through which ants were passing through. I’m so disappointed.

I buy this for my dog and her hair began to fall out in clumps in her hind quarters. This has never ever happened. She has eaten Beneful and I am trying to change Best Large Breed Puppy Food her to something a lot healthier. Unfortunately, it will not be wellness core.




Pricing: $56.98

Why it is the best large breed puppy food:

My dog was the pickiest eater on earth, and this is the only food she will eat she’s a great day, and it totally supports her large body. She is happy, healthy, and only mildly anorexic now. I wish it were cheaper, but who doesn’t wish everything was cheaper?

Wellness had been recommended by several pet owners, primarily because of the use of more natural ingredients versus more processed ingredients in science diet. My dog has made the transition from science diet to wellness without any problems. Still too early to tell if this will have a positive impact on Best Large Breed Puppy Food his health, but I could probably say that about the science diet even after all the years I have used it. I started buying wellness after my local pet chain store stopped carrying the wellness we use in the larger size.

It might be a great food, but it gave my lab severe diarrhea after following the schedule on the web. Talked with my vet, and she suggested going back to their old feed cold turkey. No problems with the taste of the wild salmon. I know it’s just my dogs and their touchy times

My great dances like this Best Large Breed Puppy Food food, but it tends to make their stool soft so I wanted to maybe introduce a food to help with this. Recently it was mixed with natural balance sweet potato & bison. Immediately their stools were not as soft. I will probably keep them on a mix of both unless they seem to only want the natural balance.

I have been using wellness complete health senior recipe dog food for a few years now and am very pleased with it. Just wish they would stop raising the price.

My dog does like this food but it takes her a few Best Large Breed Puppy Food days to get used to it. I rotate her food after every bag.

Why it is not the best large breed puppy food:

This product was actually great. But in the past year, it’s become one of the worst on the market. They changed the recipe silently – removing or reducing high-cost ingredients like salmon. My dog who used to love this food now takes more minutes to eat it. She is very gassy and her poops are mushy and hard to pick up. I thought this was a reaction that only my dog had until I heard the same from other dog owners who used this.

Puppy Best Large Breed Puppy Food got tired of how hard and dry it is. Also huge. Too big for a lot of puppies in my opinion. Not worth it. Looking for replacement.

Food gave my puppy runny poop, we went through everything else changed out all her toys and treats and we changed the food last, wished we would have done it sooner because now she is pooping solid. Also annoying that this food is showing as prime but would come after three days.

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