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best large breed dog food

best large breed dog food



Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food, Chicken & Rice, 30-Pound Bag


Positive feedback:

I just give my Golden Retriever quality sustenance, made in the USA. The most exceedingly terrible and most costly nourishment was the one his vet put him on. He has bothersome skin so I attempted different brands of fish/salmon pooch nourishment, the sustenance noticed dreadful and his farts more regrettable. I have not seen a drawback to this sustenance. The up side is the extensive size of the kibble. This best large breed dog food.


Other puppy sustenances have little kibble and my canine breathes in that nourishment. This one he really needs to back off and bite it. He enjoys the taste, however he is not critical and eats anything. He is a brilliant, he is energized and glad – Oh kid!!! Canine Food!!!!!

I wish the audits were by flavors. I just need to think about the vast breed one. To the extent dry canine sustenances go this is really great yet .

I will change my puppies to home cooked. My chihuahua has had a dried up spot on her ear for a long time and it just won’t leave. My pomchi is 8 and is having a few issues. My papion has stomach disturbed. He eats grass and regurgitates and constantly eats crap. This best large breed dog food.


I feel cooking for my canines with enhance these issues. There are heaps of supplements nowadays for puppies and will start catalyst and probiotics too.

I’ve changed to a plant based eating regimen myself which is brimming with supplements. I feel my puppies require a bigger number of supplements than what this gives.

We’ve been encouraging our 13 week old pug this sustenance since the day he got back home and we blended it with his old nourishment (family, yuck) until he got accustomed to it. So far no issues 2 packs later and I have not encountered any shape like different audits specified. It is by all accounts entirely new and I think Wellness utilizes quality fixings that is justified regardless of the cash.This best large breed dog food.

In my humble opinion I think Wellness Natural Pet Food represented the ideal and perfect food for the bigger dogs. Thanks God my dog till now doesn’t have hard time and think she is a lucky dog. I heard a lot of terrible and awful stories from my friends suffering from how it is so hard to find a good and trusted diet for their dogs and how it is difficult to take the decision to buy food and give it to your dog. But for me I didn’t live all these troubles with my pretty dog till now and I hope not live like these bad situations. I used Wellness Natural and I depend on it in feeding my dog. It is available in the small size and also in the large size. You can choose the appropriate size according to your dog. I used the large one and it is the best large breed dog food. I can’t compare it with any other batch. My friends tell me to try another kind but I don’t like to change it. I see it is a special diet it puts the health of the dogs in its consideration before anything. Its ingredients are selected in a very professional way to be the qualified product. All its ingredients are free from corn, wheat and chicken by products which is unhealthy. Wellness Natural is the best large breed god food in the market I find. It succeeds to develop my dog’s health, make her away from illness and have the healthy weight. Good diet which the dog has appears directly in the appearance and the eyes of the dog. So I always do my best to make sure my lovely dog feels good. I advise anyone if he hesitated to get Wellness Natural or any other brand, choose Wellness the best large breed dog food and you will not regret.

Health pet sustenance is the finest quality pet nourishment accessible, as I would like to  think, and I am quite a while all encompassing veterinarian who utilizes it for my own particular pet because it’s the best large breed dog food , and for different pets before. Health nourishments are wheat, corn, soy, added substance and additive free. They are perfect all encompassing sustenance for solid pets and in addition pets requiring a limited eating regimen for nourishment sensitivities of any sort, and never incorporate possibly tricky fixings, after broad research into sustenance and the accessible choices, I discovered Wellness, and that make your dog  solid and cheerful from that point forward, so you will loved the quality and measures of fixings so much also you will exchanged all your  different pets including felines to Wellness also and I recommened it as best large breed dog food.


Health offers grain free forms additionally, yet as I would like to think and that of most veterinarians, grain free sustenances for pets are a trend with no genuine wholesome or natural premise so that It best large breed dog food , any longer than the prevailing fashion in individuals., which is tried and ensured at each progression of improvement and creation for the wellbeing and prosperity of the pets will’s identity sustained this nourishment. Of course, shoddy pet nourishment with corn and chicken by items are not beneficial by any extend of the creative ability, but rather effortlessly processed starches from solid sources like grain and rice, and now and again potato, are vital for an all around adjusted eating regimen for our pets and for the absorption and digestion of all the great sound supplements in top notch sustenances like Wellness because it’ s a best large breed dog food. .

Negative feedback:

I regularly sustain this to my canine because of his skin issues. I more likely than not got a terrible clump. His skin ha deteriorated since beginning this sack and he is having wild gas.

It’s past the point where it is possible to check this bundle for dates as I place nourishment into a capacity container.i have experienced a few sorts of puppy sustenance surveys on Amazon and many state they’ve gotten old or terrible bunches that have made their canine wiped out. I will go to the store starting now and into the foreseeable future. I don’t point the finger at Amazon in any capacity it’s the merchant.

The first occasion when I requested this off of Amazon, it was extraordinary! My puppy cherished it! She gobbled it up. So obviously after her sustenance ran out, I requested it once more.

At the point when the nourishment arrived, I opened up the sack and saw that the kibbles are unique in relation to the ones I requested before (despite the fact that it’s a similar brand). The kibbles are compliment and darker in shading. I attempted to bolster them to her at any rate however she has no enthusiasm for eating them.

I went to a nearby pet shop and grabbed a similar pack rather and this time the kibbles resembled the ones I got in the primary clump. Puppy was eating once more.

I saw this isn’t the first occasion when that it has transpired on Amazon. I don’t know what it is about the Amazon cluster however correct – simply be careful.



Wellness Natural is very bad food I introduce for my dog. I follow the instruction that are written in the front of the bag and give my dog the right amount but my dog become suffer from diarrhea and terrible gas. It doesn’t improve my dog’s health as they claim it damaged his health unfortunately. My dog’s vet told me to stop giving him Wellness and search for another diet for him. And obviously after changing this bad diet to another perfect one, my dog gets better and diarrhea and gas are stopped. I think who buy Wellness waste his money and harm his dog’s health.

this nourishment over a modest bunch of times without any issues.but it caused in , this time the nourishment was swarmed with moths and moth hatchlings.                                                                                                    

.maybe you will notice many  Symptoms like  so wiped out with loose bowels. and  your dog will be  lazy,also it will suffering from  terrible looseness of the bowels, horrendous gas, and this enormous gooey eye boogers.                                                                                                                  

so it’s prefer to take your dog to your  veterinarian  to found the problem in what the food or from another disease  who caused this Symptoms  as,   No more absence of vitality. No more gas. No more looseness of the bowels everywhere.                                                                            



best large breed dog food






I had my bar eating nutro ultra puppy before this which is an OK mark. At that point I got him on this and wow he has more vitality his jacket looks fabulous, and I have never observed my canine eat this much so it must taste awesome to the puppies. I completely suggest it. Additionally its like the ideal adjust of fixings. None of that questionable garbage in it. Spend somewhat more and keep your pooch sound motivation the vet beyond any doubt aint shoddy! This best large breed dog food.

Wellness Core is the diet what my dog’s dream that happened. I consider this amazing diet is the source of health and happiness to my lovely dog. I say this because really it makes a great difference and unbelievable results for my poor dog. Previously my dog ate a brand of the diet is so expensive and after three times from using I stopped giving my dog it again due to the bad lesions and harms that happened to my dog. He was about to die he has bleeding skin because the last product made him scratching so hard and also bothered his stomach so he didn’t eat enough to be good. During this time I heard about Wellness Core as the best large breed dog food. I took the decision to try it hoping to fix all the problems that my poor has and heals and cure him from all these diseases. And after two weeks it happened what I hope due to the best diet I give my dog (Wellness Core). Honestly it has the ability to make the balance in what my dog needs to feel good and not harm his health. It includes fortified with antioxidants, fish and more essential elements for the normal growth. In addition to including omega that changes the condition of my dog from poor dog has bleeding skin to a shiny skin. Wellness Core is my best large bread dog food is an economic package with according to its reasonable price. I order two bags per month to my dog. And if it is more expensive than its price now I will buy it because it recovers the happiness and energy to my pretty dog. It is the best large breed dog food that I will continue to feed my dog it. Thanks Wellness Core for saving my dog’s life.


Negative feedback:

My dog used to eat Wellness Core and it was her favorite meal. When I give him she ate all her diet till the last tiny piece in the bowl and she enjoyed the food time and waited it all day. I was glad for finding finally her good food. But after I order another one it has a different shape and my god doesn’t like it she eats just one piece and refuses to eat it again. I waana know what happened for these product it was the best large breed god food. Now I am gonna search for another one instead of Wellness Core.




best large breed dog food




Positive feedback:

I am extremely content with this sustenance. It is high caliber at a decent value (I utilize the subscribe and spare program) and my puppy adores it. I likewise like that since it is all life stages we can offer it to her as a puppy and proceed with her on it as she gets more seasoned. I certainly expect to keep utilizing this nourishment and exceptionally suggest it.

I needed to change to something more natural for my puppy. She was dependably a moderate eater and would pick at her nourishment throughout the day. When I gave her this, she cherished it and completed it immediately. At first, it gave her awful gas and free light shaded stools, yet following a couple days she was fine. This best large breed dog food.


She cherishes this stuff so much and I feel preferred giving her this somewhat over something with additives and chemicals. I have a terrier/German shepherd blend

My pooch is extremely content with this item. I can not disclose to you how it tastes and the canine hates to compose audits. She does, nonetheless, eat up her nourishment now that we changed to this brand. I think she truly enjoys it. There have been no issues with her processing this and her vitality is unaltered. I have prescribed this to a few companions who have mutts. This best large breed dog food.


I needed to purchase this brand for my housemates five felines since they wouldn’t allow my poor puppies to sit unbothered sufficiently long to eat their Canidae puppy sustenance!! Obviously the mutts were crazy over it as well. They’d continue backpedaling to their pooch bowls searching for increasingly and chasing after us!! Omg! We’ve made canidae addicts!!! This best large breed dog food.



First of all, I and my friend give CANIDAE dry dog food to our dog although our dogs have different ages and this approves that it fits all the ages of the dogs (puppies, adults and seniors) And both of I and my friend don’t have complaints from this best large breed dog food. It really supplies my little dog with healthy and high quality of ingredients that are derived from the nature. Another dog’s friend he is 11 months has skin issues and besides this the sensitive stomach so I recommend CANIDAE for her dog. And actually after a few days from feeding her dog it, the good results begin to appear her dog deposes of skin problems and his stomach upset reduce comparing before. I think it is a magical diet for dogs. It meets all what the dogs need or demand it feed the body of the dogs with all rich vitamins and minerals. It makes great difference in the skin of the dogs even they don’t have skin issues it makes the skin more bright and shiny. Another feature of CANIDAE is how it can change the life of the dogs from a lazy life empty of vitality and activity to a life full of power and energy. What is important in this best large breed dog food is its ingredients are unique and are carefully chosen without any colors or flavor and this is hard to find in any product else. I hope CANIDAE still the best large breed dog food forever because I can’t bear to cause any bad side effects to my lovely dog. Thanks CANIDAE for the ideal, amazing, wonderful, healthy, natural, ideal diet for my dog and thanks for selling it in good price. Thanks a lot.


Negative feedback:

TWICE when I included a little measure of Canidae to our present dry canine sustenance to start the switchover to what I thought would be a predominant pooch nourishment, our lab started heaving and had looseness of the bowels. After the first occasion when, we withheld nourishment to give her framework a chance to quiet down and after that began just with the old sustenance. A few days after the fact, we included possibly 10 PIECES of the Canidae and she is now heaving and looseness of the bowels once more.

Don’t know whether it’s only a terrible cluster or if it’s the puppy nourishment as a rule, however I won’t attempt this sustenance once more. Amazon instantly is preparing a full discount and additionally researching the sustenance, so props to them!


Your pooch  will adored the nourishment when we place it before him . He has begun to disperse a bit and inexplicably he needs to play once more. It’s awesome to see him hop up on his rear legs and jog around the house. I truly trust that other puppy proprietors can encounter this bliss. We need our puppy’s last months/years to be upbeat and particularly need to thank the creators of Canidae for Senior and Overweight Dogs for giving us the open door for that to happen because they love his best large breed dog food .

fixings are high caliber AND reasonable! The puppies cherish it. Presently, simply holding up to perceive how my puppy with delicate skin responds to it, yet it’s been about a week and he is still certain and solid. He normally breaks out instantly on the off chance that he has a hypersensitivity. I am so happy I saw their advertisement and chosen to try it out and I think it’s the best large breed dog food,    I additionally include a probiotic since I am not taking any risks Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend For Dogs and Cats with 5 Billion CFU Per Serving. This is functioning admirably and lifts my “infants” resistances. We blend this with the sustenance and it’s epic for them. They need to an ever increasing extent. Presently we are stressed over weight pick up yet we will manage that later.                                

the puppies and my senior dog. They won’t eat anything else because this food is  a best large breed dog foods doasen’t caused  No tummy issues with the senior dog any more and she isn’t shedding like she used to. Puppies coats are shiny and they have never had any tummy issues with this food. Tried a couple other foods but none of them would eat it so I recommend it as a best large breed dog foods to owner dogs.    


TWICE when I included a little measure of Canidae to our present dry pooch nourishment to start the switchover to what I thought would be an unrivaled puppy sustenance, our lab started regurgitating and had loose bowels. After the first occasion when, we withheld sustenance to give her framework a chance to quiet down and afterward began just with the old nourishment. Two or after three days, we included possibly 10 PIECES of the Canidae and she is now retching and loose bowels once more.           



I heard about CANIDAE as a good diet with cheap cost so I decide to buy it and give it to my dog. But at the first time when my dog eat it first thing he doesn’t eat a lot from it and the second thing it causes vomiting and diahrea. In this time I wasn’t sure if CANIDAE is the reason or it just coincidence so I stopped giving it to him for 3 days and he becomes better and then I give CANIDAE again and he became ill again and this bad product is the only reason for its sickness. Consequently I stop it immediately and now he feels great. CANIDAE is the worst large breed dog food.  


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