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Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Pricing: $ 41.98

Why it is the best sensitive stomach dog food:

I’ve ordered this product for my dog for a long time, but in the past few months, Purina changed the package from 33 pounds to 30 pounds and eliminate the easy to open band at the top of the bag. However, this food seems to work best for my dog and he doesn’t leave food in the bowl anymore like he did with other foods.

I honestly never thought I would feed my beloved pitbull Purina but this has been the only food that has gotten rid of his allergies. We previously fed our dog Orijen, moved to Acana, tried best sensitive stomach dog food Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, California Natural limited ingredient, Nature’s Variety, and even went raw for a while but it was too much work. I will say that this food, despite some questionable ingredients (minus one star), has given our dog a wonderful shiny coat and no more itchiness or flakiness or weird greasy smell.

My fur baby Ivory seems to really enjoy this food. We purchased it due to horribly dry skin and constant itching. We’re a month into the bag and although the itching has reduced some it still is fairly bad. The bag also came appearing best sensitive stomach dog food half empty. A lot of wasted space in the bag which was unnecessary. The company could save the buyer money if they made the bag proportionate to the amount of food within. When I brought it to the companies attention they were very kind in offering me a coupon.

Good product, no improvement to my dogs outbreaks on his skin.

This version of Purina Pro helps our Lab who has sensitive skin. The vet wanted to keep him on antibiotics and we feel fortunate to have discovered this food which cleared his skins within 2-3 weeks. My lovely cherry has now best sensitive stomach dog food been eating this food for more than 3 years.

Why it is not the best sensitive stomach dog food:

If I wasn’t a subscribe and save customer I may not have noticed. Recently they shrunk the size of their bags from 33 lbs to 30 lbs while keeping the price the same. I would have preferred they raise the price, that would have been more honest.

My dog is usually not too picky but wouldn’t go for this unless he was really hungry. It is quite pungent even for a dog, in my opinion. I tried other flavors of a sensitive stomach and I have noticed a difference. best sensitive stomach dog food, Product great, the flavor was too much for my pooch. It is bad.


best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Pricing: $ 46.73

Why it is the best sensitive stomach dog food:

Our vet suggested two things before doing costly testing, feed him a small amount of food in the late evening and switch to a sensitive stomach food. I decided on this Hills product and it seems to be making a difference. He has had only one incident since the switch and he may have eaten some grass as we walked in a field. He loves his bedtime snack.

I have a sm. a dog that has suffered from a sensitive stomach. I have tried everything including making his food. I really was not impressed with the ingredients on Science Diet best sensitive stomach dog food dog food, but when I told our vet about his problem SD was recommended – also sold at the vets which were expensive. We bought one from the Vet and then I checked Amazon and purchased for less and a larger bag. I noticed our sm. dog’s stools became more normal. Now and then I will see he has some runny stools and mucus, but by and large better. Sometimes he eats well and sometimes he doesn’t. I think at the Vets you can get the bag with smaller kibbles, but not online. I think he would like the smaller best sensitive stomach dog food kibbles better.

My dog seems to like it… I thought it tasted like dog food.

But seriously, this food has done wonders for my dog with a sensitive stomach. he always had “issues” with her bowels when the vet recommended this food. Since we started her on this, he’s been doing great.

The food really makes a difference in my dog’s digestive system . However the kibble is quite large in size, making it more difficult to bite into and chew up for an older dog.

I have a very picky Boston. He eats this without enthusiasm when best sensitive stomach dog food it’s mixed with a bit of chicken etc cooked just for him. I think that it’s a good quality food without a bunch of strange ingredients that appeal more to humans than dogs My dog likes it no better than others he’s tried.

Why it is not the best sensitive stomach dog food:

I started giving our dog hill’s science diet adult sensitive stomach & skin in an effort to address his skin and weight issues. My three-year-old German Shorthair Pointer has always had a hard time maintaining a healthy weight—always too thin, ribs and hips showing. The dog likes the food and he eats it all. But, best sensitive stomach dog food in order to put weight on, I had to double the recommended amount; he now eats six cups a day to maintain a healthy looking 65lbs. Unfortunately, his skin issues did not improve, and he is now on medication for allergies. Hope this helps.




best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

The price:- $ 22.13

Why it is the best sensitive stomach dog food:

My dog loves this food, when I feed him this food, he has never liked a food this much and he feels so much better since he started on the diet. He does have pain joints, so I got him this vital pet advanced strength joint and hip chewable and he seems to be improving. He is jumping more and wants to play flying dish. These are good flavored and he enjoys them as treats. We even add them to his food and he is eating more now. Excellent product, I will recommend science diet to all of my friends. My dogs like this and the price was a lot cheaper than at a pet store.This dog food is the best. He hates kept food but he loves this food and eats it.

My dog hasn’t had as many digestive problems since I put her on this food, but she is getting tired of it, guess it’s time to look for a new flavor.

My dog likes this enough that I went ahead and have it on a monthly order, great stuff.

Our dog loves this, and I think he’s has a lighter step for his 14 years, very convenient delivery, It was discontinued, best sensitive stomach dog food and I have had a tough time getting them to eat anything else or we had issues with their skin and stomach with other products. Then I saw this product and realized it was the same formula as the food they had been on. I switched them to this, and they just love it – and no more scratching or stomach issues.

My dog started to have some digestive problems with the usual dry food. I switched to this food and it has been great.

He seems to really enjoy the taste, and it still helps with his skin best sensitive stomach dog food sensitivity and his stool is firm.

Why it is not the best sensitive stomach dog food:

My dog loves to eat all canned food. he ate one bite of this and walked away. I tried clear, and mixing with his dry food and even adding a bit of water and heating it up. he refuses to eat it anyway. It is also hard to mix with dry food unless microwaved first.This food has been refused by my yellow Labrador. It tends to be soft and dry, but the consistency can be irregular from batch to batch. It worked for a while, but we are now looking for an alternative. best sensitive stomach dog food

My dogs hated this food, it is so bad.

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