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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food


Positive feedback:

Mutts like this brand and I am extremely upbeat to bolster them with sustenance made with amazing fixings. It generally arrives all around bundled and on time. Exceptionally advantageous to get your colossal sacks of pooch sustenance along these lines Ordered this a couple times effectively, happy with the exchange without fail. This best dog food for small breeds.

This is the main pooch sustenance i will give my puppy. He is a 20 pound maltipoo and has a tendency to get somewhat stout notwithstanding being strolled day by day. This detailing has a similar awesome supplements, in the little kibble estimate. He cherishes it and ordinary is eager to eat. It’s an awesome arrangement at the cost, I used to pay a great deal all the more getting it a the nearby pet shop. This best dog food for small breeds.

I buy Blue dry sustenance in light of the fact that the brand guarantees that it is solid and meets wellbeing rules and is created and pressed in the United States. I trust that won’t change. My pooches like it. I blend it with Blue wet nourishment however they likewise like it dry. I profoundly prescribe this brand however it is more costly than a few brands. It’s justified, despite all the trouble to me to get my pooches the best and will be to you in the event that you regard your puppies as relatives. This best dog food for small breeds.

We had the hardest time finding the correct nourishment for our Pug Oliver, now 4yo, we experienced such a large number of sorts a finally…this correct equation was it. What’s more, I would have never envisioned requesting canine nourishment in my life, then I happened upon this. Identical size, recipe, and freshness…for about $10-$15 LESS, and now you can subscribe and get it month to month, which works for me, and that spares you 5% more. They have different measured packs and formmulas. So obviously, I haven’t set foot in a pet store to purchase sustenance since I discovered this. It’s a give you can’t beat, especialllly if this or another Blue Buffalo nourishment that they offer…it’s an easy decision! ,This best dog food for small breeds.

Couples of years ago we decided to switch to Blue life Protection Formula foodstuff, as we were searching for food with a better quality for our dog. Our Older dog used to throw up more than one per a day. So, we visit the vet to see his opinion and he said that it was most probably allergies and he asked us to give her Benadryl, however, that didn’t work with her case. So, We decided to give her Blue Buffalo and give a try after reading many reviews from other customers who described it as one of the best dog food for small breeds.

Really, we love Blue Buffalo and for two years it was the only foodstuff that we use to feed our dogs.

The results were very impressive and worthy, as our old dog now stopped throwing up, in addition to this all, our dogs are looking shiny with shiny coats, they are looking now more energetic than before with the old food.

Moreover, the price here is less than in other sites, so you will gonna save some money.

So do not miss the offer and save about 32% off the original price, as you can get one bag now from the best dog food for small breeds with only $27.99.

So, If you want a great quality food in order to feed your dogs with great ingredients and great price offer then, I highly recommend this product.

Regarding the ingredients, Blue life Protection Formula for Small Breeds provide the special needs for your small dogs as the ingredients are very rich in proteins and carbohydrates, so this foodstuff can meet the higher energy that is needed.

I really love this product and my dogs too, it provides great ingredients, great taste, shiny coats and bright eyes for my dogs and they are overall healthier.

So try this best dog food for small breeds.


It was my 20th birthday and I was feeling afraid and happy! Afraid because I have grown up and I became responsible for many things, and at the same time happy because I have been young and soon I would be in my college.

My friends know that I am a big fan of dogs especially Shih Tzu species and since my dog was died, I did not any new dog cause I could not.

On my birthday, my best friend gave me the most amazing present ever; it was a little 9 months Shih Tzu. She was so cute and beautiful.

I really love my best friend and my new dog also.

Unfortunately one week later, my new dog seemed to be in a bad condition. It was ripping her skin strongly until I turned red and got bloody tears, and she was chewing on her paws a lot.

I took her to the vet who tell me that she had an allergic reaction from food as she have a sensitive stomach, and he recommended me Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food as it’s the best dog food for small breeds.

I found it with a very good price and the seller told me that it’s a great choice and it’s the best dog food for small breeds.

I started to introduce it in small quantities and then I replaced her food totally with Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food up till now.

It was a great surprise my lovely dog has improved and there was no more itching nor bloody tears and rarely saw her chewing her paws, and her stool became firm, easy to pick up.

I highly recommend this food. In fact it’s the best dog food for small breeds.



Negative feedback:

My Doberman has eaten this item since a puppy and is currently 3 yrs old. She has never had an issue until this last sack. She created the runs not long after eating from this sack. She is an inside pooch with restricted outside time. After a visit to the vet, meds and altering her sustenance she was generally improved. When she backpedaled to eating straight nourishment again from this pack, she created looseness of the bowels once more. After this last session I’m changing her nourishment.

In the event that I could give zero I would this thing has put one of my pooches in the vets since it couldn’t be process effectively. This should be all characteristic yet it’s not on the grounds that on the off chance that it was my canine ( how is a chasing puppy so is continually moving around not simply seating inside) would gobbling it up like the other pooch nourishment before this.


We decided to switch to Blue Buffalo and we started giving it to our 2 years old dog. We began to enter Blue Buffalo by mixing it with small portions for a couple of weeks with his old food, then, we gradually increased the ratio. Since that, our dog started throwing up almost daily. After a week, we decided to switch him back to the old food, and then he stopped throwing up immediately.

So, I advise if you want to try it, just get a small bag and if it works well with your dog then it would be the best dog food for small breeds for your dog.

I ordered Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food after vet doctor advice and I found many good reviews about it on internet.

My dog has eaten this product since a puppy and is now 3.5 yrs old.

At first there was a problem was this food it was dry for her to eat and I had to add water to make it softer and easily digested.

After while my dog improved, and easily could eat it.

I highly recommend this best dog food for small breeds.





Positive feedback:

I don’t know why we at any point changed from blue. We attempted to slice cost by changing to one of the numerous nourishments that have been said to be tantamount to blue and I saw a major contrast in my puppies. This  best dog food for small breeds.

We really attempted a couple of various brands that were said to be similarly on a par with blue with less cost. Their jacket lost its sparkle, they started to shed three times more than expected and they crapped around four times each day contrasted with two times each day on blue.

I changed four out of five puppies back to blue and the fifth pooch is on a medicine eat less. While there are a few sustenances available that are equivalent to blue, they really cost more. Do yourself, your puppy, and your wallet some help and encourage blue wild ox. This  best dog food for small breeds.

I have attempted three distinct sustenances for my long coat Chihuahua..most had excessively grain..artificial shading and things I didn’t need him consuming..especially since he is around 6lbs. things are more dangerous for a little canine. I now trust this sustenance is the fit..his teeth are without plaque and white..the protein gives him spunk and splendid eyes…even a gigantic distinction in the sheen of his high contrast coat..I have even seen despite the fact that he was washed regardless he had a “puppy” scent while eating his last nourishment we had tried..the pooch smell is Gone..bathroom time outside makes get simple with firm free unpleasant doodoo heaving either ever..I had a touch of water on a little part of nourishment to expand his water admission and help him go to the washroom less demanding as the protein firms him up,the other bit he eats dry to keep his teeth and gums sound. This  best dog food for small breeds.

The Denali supper and the Red meat Blend are my puppies two most loved pooch nourishment flavors. I particularly like that I can switch the flavors around the length of I remain in the product offering. We wear t eat a similar dinner ordinary why should she particularly when they delicately cost the same.

My little yorkie LOVES this stuff.

We’re changing him from the Science Diet Small Breeds Adult Chicken. This  best dog food for small breeds.

The pellets are somewhat bigger yet at the same time sufficiently little for him to bite without issues. We’re blending the two nourishments now to move him and he’s eating around the Science Diet.

My dog loves this foodstuff very much. Since we started giving it to our dog, he has been devouring. Now, after few weeks on this new formula and we are hoping to start to see some results soon. Our main goal actually is to stop his weight gain and we hope that he may even drop a few pounds.

Our dog is a seven years old and he weighs close to sixty pounds, the ideal weight for him is to within the range 45 to 50 pounds.

We are doing our best to provide him the food that proven to be the best dog food for small breeds.

Before switching to this brand, we tried the Blue buffalo healthy weight foods, but actually, he hated it always. However, on the other hand, once we switched to Wilderness formula, he seems happy and he greatly loves it.

When I compare I Just looking at it and smell it, however, I can’t tell that there is any difference between this food and what we used to feed him before.

I think that the wilderness variety and having a better flavor in the weight control is better than the standard. Anyway, more time will tell and will help to know does this product is really the best dog food for small breeds or not.

This product is really one of the more expensive formulas in the market but I think it is not too much compared to the regular blue buffalo that we used to buy before.

Moreover, of course seeing good results will definitely worth to pay more for our dog’s health.

If you have a dog and you are searching for him for a foodstuff that helps in controlling his weight then, I highly recommend this wilderness formula, its cost really worth, and its results are impressive, your dog will love it and you will feel happy, for me it is the best dog food for small breeds.


My previous Dobie, Winnie, was died by food I was preparing him by my hands.

It was a horrible disaster, my dog gives me unconditioned love and I feed him poisoned food! It was my big fault, I did not concern about source of ingredients and so many others. After this miserable accident after which we discovered that our dog food was from china.

And as a result of this very tragedy that happened to us we are very careful about source of our dogs’ food and treats.

I have searched a lot for a trusting food for my other dog, and I found Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food and it was reviewed as best dog food for small breeds.

I did not fall in the previous mistake which killed my Winnie and I wrote to Blue Buffalo and asked them about origin of their food ingredients.

They kindly replied to me with a detailed list of ingredients and sources and stated that none of their ingredients come from China. That was great news for me and enough to start feeding my dog with his new food.

In addition to being one of the dog foods for small breeds, my dog loves it very much especially when I add real chicken on top of it.

I noticed that her coat has improved a lot and her weight is being adjusted and she was overweight but since we used Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food, she ate satisfactory and happily without getting as much fatty.

I highly recommend this great and trusted food. It’s definitely the best dog food for small breeds.


Negative feedback:

This sustenance is TOXIC for you pooches and felines. My canine begin hurling each morning simply water or froth and had no clue why and than my feline begin hurling on the off chance that he got his paws on this dry nourishment. Did some burrowing and this organization is being sue by its clients. They apologized for utilizing FAKE fixings, CHEMICALS. I’m so disillusioned and simply trust my puppy won’t have changeless harm. Individuals discovered MOLD in the canine food!!!!! I’m posting this wherever so nobody will commit a similar error.

I simply opened this sack of sustenance even tho’ I’ve had it for fourteen days. Neither of my puppies will eat it and they are not fastidious eaters…so I think something isn’t right with it yet have no real way to tell. I have been encouraging them this brand of nourishment for quite a long while without an issue.

Last year my dog was having stools for weeks before this finally getting into diarrhea. When we went to the vet, he asked to stop feeding our dog with this product and to switch to another one as wilderness was not working well with our dog.

So do not follow only the reviews, as we used to read reviews about any product and then make our purchase, but this time the food does not work well.

So, I advise you to try the small bags for wilderness and if it works with your dog, then according to the reviews you will have the best dog food for small breeds.


I kept feeding my dog this good food and he always has no problem, but I have experienced unexpected matter; the last bag I purchased was not good as usual.

This last order more than a third of the bag is powder.  Really I am Not sure what happened during the transport of this bag to me to have it been this beat up.

My dog is having a hard time eating it because he has to lick it out of the bowl. He is really suffering with this bag.

I think there is a mistake with this bag only not the whole brand because it’s the first time to occur since I started ordering it.

So I will keep recommending this brand as the best dog food for small breeds.

best dog food for small breeds


Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food


Positive feedback:

We have a shih tzu that has a chicken sensitivity and she adores this nourishment. Our other tzu likes it as well!

We were nearly to the point of taking her to an authority in light of the fact that everything gave her the runs (regular,gluten free and hand crafted) yet she’s been on health now for barely a year and has been doing awesome. We like the restricted fixings and the blend that is in the whitefish blend. This best dog food for small breeds.

We additionally give our puppies wellbeing treats and they go crazy for them.

We are huge supporters of the wellbeing brand of items. It may be more costly however our pooches are justified, despite all the trouble. This best dog food for small breeds.

Furthermore, My small Papillon adores this minor nourishment. Simple to bite!

Initially, Wellness is a great brand of canine nourishment. So particularly this nourishment, I adore that

1.) The snack are little: this is great for little senior canines (for foundation, I have a 12 year old chihuahua who just has not as much as half of his teeth left), particularly ones who have had dental ailment or dental work.

2.) Comparatively to what he was eating, he appreciates this significantly more: a ton of senior sustenances, or nourishments planned to accomplish something, are chicken based, however this is turkey and he hasn’t had a ton of turkey.

3.) Quality: The darker spots on his lips and between his toes have blurred radically.

4.) Weight administration: it’s figured to oversee weight, another gigantic liven for more seasoned little and toy puppies.

For me, nourishing my 9 pounder, this little pack really keeps going a while. With everything taken into account, extremely upbeat.This best dog food for small breeds.


Actually, I Love this brand very much. We usually before we buy anything we make simple research and see the reviews. Thus, we did a little research before we got Wellness for our dog. Since we started using this brand, we did not stop it. Our dog stomach problems have disappeared once we switched him to Wellness. Moreover, our dog’s coat looks great and shiny. Overall, the dog is very healthy and our vet is very happy with the results too and is recommending to complete to give this food for our dog.

He believes this is one of the best dog food for small breeds.

Regarding the food ingredients, the food has quality ingredients, which enables you not to feed your dog as much per the day. Of course, this brand is not the cheapest brand in the market but matters actually for us is what we are going to feed him and what he will eat. We care about his foodstuff very much.

We had been alternating two flavors, the turkey flavor with the white fish flavor, however, we find that the turkey flavor our dog love it more. The white fish flavor is good but the bag is smaller and has the cost the same. However, both are the best dog food for small breeds.

As for delivery, before I used to buy from PetSmart, but unfortunately, one time I found a bag with a soon expire date, so I decided to start buying from Amazon instead. I bought around 3 times from them and there are no problems until now, moreover, the price here is much cheaper.

I highly recommend Wellness Complete Health small breed for your dog and I am quite sure that you will not use any other foodstuff except this one; it will provide your dog with better health, shiny coat, in addition to no stomach problems, I believe it is the best dog food for small breeds.

It was my son’s birthday, and I promised him the year before to buy him a dog and the time has come.

I took him to the store and he chose a very beautiful Bichon Frise. It was really cute and playful.

Sadly one month later she went on accident and lost some of her teeth.

She no longer could eat her usual food, and I started to search her for suitable food because she was going to lose weight as well.

After doing some research I have found Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food and it was reviewed as one of the best dog food for small breeds.

I decided to introduce it to our lovely Bichon Frise and it was the surprise!!

She loved the new food very much, teeny tiny triangular bites made her to eat satisfactory with her losing teeth.

In comparison to what she was eating, she enjoyed this a lot more: a lot of senior foods, or foods formulated to do something, are chicken based, but this is turkey and she hasn’t had a whole lot of turkey.

Really Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food is the best dog food for small breeds and it’s a magic food; our dog has improved and regained his lost weight but did not get fatty. It seems to be a weight management product as well.  

I recommended it to my friends whose dogs are going to be old and started to loose teeth as it is very easy to pick up and eat and you will be sure your dog is eating a high quality food with rich ingredients.

In fact it deserved to be the of the best dog food for small breeds.


Negative feedback:

I came here to buy this nourishment for the third time and happened to take a gander at the surveys interestingly. I hadn’t tried to check surveys before hand since I was at that point acquainted with purchasing the item locally and was content with it. I began getting worried after I saw another survey here scrutinizing the freshness of this sustenance contrasted with a similar nourishment purchased locally, which made me perused on to see another audit demonstrating clear contrasts in the kibble between privately purchased and amazon purchased after their pooch began becoming ill. I hadn’t considered the freshness issues past and promptly lamenting not having the bundling for my last pack (I dumped it into a canister and hurled the sack) to check the freshness date. Today I went out and purchased a pack locally, with a “best by” date of Sept 2016. When I returned home I thought about the kibble:

*Color distinction – the privately purchased kibble was darker

*Dust level – the amazon pack had significantly more “nourishment clean” in it, despite the fact that it was not the base of the container yet

*Smell – the privately purchased kibble noticed more grounded

*Kibble shape – the shape looked genuinely equivalent, not at all like the photo included with one of alternate surveys. There seemed to be a *very* slight contrast in that the privately purchased kibble had a “thin side” and a “stout/adjusted side” while the amazon kibble was for the most part “thin” on both sides.

In the wake of seeing this, my better half and I were vacillating about whether there was an issue with the amazon purchased nourishment, and if that issues was sufficiently noteworthy to spend more to get it locally.

At that point we asked the puppy.

I gave her two heaps, comparatively estimated, of every nourishment when she was exceptionally eager. I sincerely anticipated that her would eat from both heaps aimlessly, she is not a fussy eater. In the wake of sniffing both heaps, she plainly favored the privately purchased nourishment notwithstanding when I attempted to persuade her to eat the amazon sustenance.


Two days ago, I came here to purchase this food for the fourth time and I looked at the reviews, especially low rated ones to decide whether to purchase this brand locally or from here. Actually, what happened is that when I received the new bag of wellness there were differences regarding the kibble color, dust level, smell and even the kibble shape compared to the bad purchased locally.

After noticing these differences, we decided to buy wellness locally even it is more costly.

So if you decide to purchase from here, try a small bag first and compare it with the locally purchased bags. Wellness brand is really the best dog food for small breeds but you have to buy it from a trusted place.

I used to buy Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food from our local store but once I ordered it online and it was a big fault.

The online bag was not as this in the local store there was a difference. When I gave it to my dog, she was not well at all; she started to develop vomiting and diarrhea for the first time.

I took her to vet and he advised me to change food and gave her medications.

After she became well, I bought a new bag from the store and fed her. She did not refuse but she ate very well and no vomiting nor diarrhea.

I think there was a mistake with the online bag not the brand.

I highly recommend this best dog food for small breeds especially for senior and losing teeth dogs.

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