dog food sensitive stomach

science diet sensitive skin

science diet sensitive skin



Pricing: $ 64.94

Good review:

Both my dogs used to chew their legs till they bled. Since they have been on this food, their legs are clear. The only downside is it smells a bit fishy. Worth the smell for clear legs though.

My dog doesn’t throw up anymore every time she eats. This food has helped with her digestion. I haven’t noticed a difference with her skin allergies. she still seems to itch all the time.

My dog seems to like it better than other foods. she’s very picky with dog food although she eats everything else. I can’t give this an all-star review dog food sensitive skin as it doesn’t seem to be helping with her dry and itchy skin as I thought it would.

My dogs love this stuff. It smells fishy but my pup feels much better you can tell just by the way he acts. he isn’t itching as much.

This is good for my older dogs sensitive stomach and my growing pup. The vet said that the dog food is nutritional and fine for both. It is a good fit for my babies.

this has been my yellow lab’s preference ever since she was rescued and brought into the family.mixed with a small dog food sensitive skin portion of can dog food, Cody is never refusing her meals.

Since I have been using this food, my golden retriever is happy. she can eat a food that will not cause an itch and/or upset stomach.

My dog used to scratch and chew on herself all the time. I changed her to the salmon dog food and within days her coat was glossy and there was a decrease in the chewing and scratch. she seems to like the taste as well.

I didn’t try any, but my puppy seems to like it ok, and it seems to do well dog food sensitive skin with his sensitive tract.

Bad review:

Increased the price and dropped 3lbs from the bag

I have been using this product for years and been extremely satisfied. The last bag came and it had been resealed with an orange label of some sort. The food has a lot of crumbs in the bag much more than normal and the dogs really don’t want to eat it.

I have a German shepherd. he does not like the food. I started off with a small amount mixed with his regular food, he would smell and walk away.

If not, then you may dog food sensitive skin want to reconsider. It has a very fishy smell. My dog would not eat this even though she usually eats *everything* she can get his snout on. If your dog likes fish then this will probably be a good fit.




science diet sensitive skin





Pricing: $ 46.73

Good review:

It meets the special regime needs of our doggie. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

My dogs eat it but I can’t say it is well received. Still looking for other options.

My pup loves this product, but I really was looking for the small bites.

This has really helped our pups’ sensitive stomachs and seems to work as well as the expensive prescription food that we had been using.

My dog seems to like it. He has dry skin problems. This food seems to help correct these problems.

My doggies have sensitive skin, and this product helps a lot of Dog food sensitive skin with allergies.

Yes, all of our dogs have enjoyed this dog food.

A better price would be nice, but it does the job. My old dog isn’t throwing up anymore which is great.

Our dog has a very sensitive stomach, and she does well with this food.

This worked for what I needed for my dog. The only thing that I would have liked would be to have a larger bag.

Fixed our dog’s rough tummy troubles. He seems to like it.

My 2 pups love this food. The jack Russell terrier had problems with diarrhea but since using this Dog food sensitive skin food, there have been no more problems. The price was reasonable and the shipping was fast.

No more skin issues and they seem to like the taste.

it works well with our pup’s sensitive stomach.

We have 2 boxers, one of which has stomach problems. He is very food sensitive. I bought a bag of this to try out, and so far it has worked well for both of them.

My dog is not disturbed by this food. His allergies have calmed down

Dogs love it the pieces are just kind of big.

This food works well with dogs that Dog food sensitive skin have a sensitive digestive system.

Bad review:

14-month old English shepherd is sensitive to this food.

She constantly scratched and licked his paws. She also lost the fine hairs around her eyes.

I am so disappointed. I wanted this food to help with my dog’s itching. I slowly introduced it in with his other dog food. he’s now been eating it for 2 weeks and has the worst diarrhea. I’m afraid I’m going to have to put his back on his original food. Has anyone else had this problem?

Someone said it smells good, to me, it’s a bit stinky. Dog food sensitive skin

Doggie’s developed gas. The price was too much.




science diet sensitive skin


Pricing: $ 35.99

Good review:

My dogs seem to like it. The pieces are nice and small, even though I have bigger dogs, but they don’t mind. The small pieces make it easier for me to put the food in a food container, my container is currently holding 2 bags and still has room. It’s so much easier for me to buy dog food on here so I don’t have to pack it home from the store. The grain-free food has made their fur look a little shinier and made them poop less because of fewer filler products. I determine the salmon flavor would have dog food sensitive skin an smell, but it’s no different than any other dog food I’ve used. We will probably stick with this food as long as my dogs will eat it.

I prefer mini chuck. I didn’t realize this was full-size chunks

Dog seems to like it on some days but not totally crazy over the kibbles

My dog likes this food, but I’m not sure she loved it. We’ll give it another try

A bit on the pricier side, but my two dogs really seem to enjoy the food, poops are normal on this food, and the ingredients are good for them. Dog food sensitive skin

Our sweet dog was happy to have a new flavor.

This is a good dog food but causes some of the worst dog breath my dog has ever had.

Dogs don’t love it but. I mix it with a can of wet food and down it, all goes

Our dog loves the lamb, but stool bulk was much greater. Not sure if the potatoes here are filler or good nutrition.

My dogs love it, and less smelly dog gas.

Dogs seemed to like it ok. One, 3 years old pit bull is very picky eater. He eventually will eat this Dog food sensitive skin daily.

Bad review:

Just another dry dog food the dog doesn’t really care for, which is okay as I noticed that on the bag it would appear they get ingredients from anywhere? I would prefer knowing everything in it.

I changed to this brand gradually hoping it would give my dog’s coat a little more shine since it contained salmon. She now has chewed herself raw in some spots and is losing hair like crazy after about a week. I suppose she may have a reaction to something in the food but I’m not sure. It is the only thing Dog food sensitive skin I have changed for him though and this has never happened before. Disappointed! He does seem to like the taste though so it’s a shame I will have to switch.






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