dog food sensitive stomach

dry dog food for sensitive stomach

dry dog food for sensitive stomach


Positive review:

It is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach which contains real Salmon as the First Ingredient blended with Other High-Quality Ingredients Provides Omega-Rich Nutrition to Nurture Sensitive Skin and Stomach, Omega-6 and Vitamin E Help give Your Dog a Radiant Coat and Healthy Skin, rice and Oat Meal are gentle on the digestive tract. They created the 28-day Challenge to help dog owners to see the positive difference after switching to Purina ONE dry dog food.

The recommended feeding amounts depends on the  dog’s metabolism, breed size, activity level, age and whether the dog is spayed or neutered, will affect the amount of Purina ONE needed to maintain an ideal body condition. Purina ONE SmartBlend is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach, is specifically formulated for adult dogs but you can use it for your puppy, dry or moistened. Adjust the amount and monitor your dog’s weight on a regular basis during the transition process, give from 7-10 days to ease the transition until you’re feeding Purina ONE exclusively. This product comes in larger bag at a better price than you can get from local stores. The product is the best dry dog food for sensitive stomach, it deals with stomach issues, diarrhea, itchy skin, bloody ears, and irregular bowels. The product does smell fishy but it made a big difference, my dog is so active now and more healthier without using any steroids. My dog has been eating Purina ONE SmartBlend for the past three years, no complains at all, it  loved the food,  He eats every bite, I think it must taste is affordable and the subscription system let me save a lot of money than before, delivery to your door, just on time and you can manage time or cancel anytime.

I recommend the product to any dog owner.


Excellent, my dog love Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food, I bought  many kinds of dry dog food for sensitive stomach before buying this product  and my dog refused to eat from it. Then, I bought kinds more expensive than this food but This is a larger bag at a better price than I get before. When I read that Real Salmon as the First Ingredient Blended with Other High-Quality Ingredients, Rice and Oat Meal are Gentle on the Digestive Tract I feeling happy because my dog love the smell of salmon and friend who recommended me about dry dog food for sensitive stomach, told me that Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food Provides Omega-Rich Nutrition to Nurture Sensitive Skin and Stomach which make the skin of my dog more brightness and her hair be longer. When I asked my sister about dry dog food for sensitive stomach, she told me about Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food  ,and added that this food contain Omega-6 and Vitamin E to Help the dog to be more playful and Give her a Radiant Coat and Healthy Skin ,really I noticed all she told me on my dog specially her skin, I want to add something, all the stomach issue that my dog suffer from, all this problem disappeared because it consider as dry dog food for sensitive stomach. And because this food is Highly Digestible so More Nutrition Goes to Work Inside Your Dog. I will buy Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food forever , for the rest life of my dog and anyone asked me about dry dog food for sensitive stomach for his dog I will tell him about it.


My dog has 13 years old and for a period I changed the food of my adult dog to Purina ONE. While I was choosing the food for him, I focused on the dog’s diet that can deal with my dog’s stomach that is sensitive for many kinds of food and in the same time provide my dog with all the vitamins and elements that his body requires to grow normally. And by taking the advice of my friend in consideration I try Purina ONE for my dog. In my point of view I can say it is an excellent food I had tried to feed my dog. It is rich of natural and organic materials. This dry food for sensitive stomach makes the health of my dog is better than his health in the past. Purina ONE puts in his consideration the health of the dogs so all its ingredients of this dry food for sensitive stomach is far away from any color or unnatural materials that harm the dog’s health. Now the skin and coat of my dog is soft. In addition to the taste of the Salmon which is considered the main ingredient of Purina makes my dog loves to eat and consequently my adult dog grows in normal way with a great health. And what is the important feature of this dry food for sensitive stomach is it depends on ingredients that treat with the sensitive stomach as well as it has the ability to relieve the stomach upset of my dog. Really Purina ONE makes a clear difference in the life of my dog. And also Purina product is a big feed with cheap cost and delicious taste that entices and catches the dog to it. I love this product and I recommend it to all the owner of the dogs.

My puppies been eating this for as long as two years and I can state this didn’t give them the gas like blue wild ox did! They’ve had such a large number of various costly sustenance in the past and when I attempted to purchase a less expensive one it helped them shed pounds and have shinny coats. What’s more, they really eat it. As of late I attempted an alternate sustenance and they began tingling so I should purchase this once more. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

My better half and I have been encouraging our puppy Purina One SmartBlend – Sensitive Systems for quite a long time. We initially got him on it since he had truly bothersome skin, and the omegas in this item ceased his skin aggravation altogether. He would likewise become ill on his old sustenance, yet never on this. He cherishes this sustenance as well, so it clearly should taste great! Very prescribe this item to my kindred canine proprietors! Your canine will be extremely satisfied. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

I have a 14 year old fair sized canine that had been having stomach issues with the nourishment we had been sustaining her for more than 10 years. she hasn’t become ill on this kibble since we exchanged two or three weeks prior. we mixed a touch of her old sustenance with the new nourishment for a couple days to facilitate the move, and have been extraordinary since! the nature of the sustenance is awesome… furthermore, my pooch adores it

This is a bigger pack at a superior cost than I can get locally – and it truly works for my boxer who has an exceptionally delicate framework. With some other nourishment she manages irritated skin, bleeding ears, and unpredictable guts – however this sustenance has been an awesome normal answer for her without steroids!! I would exceedingly prescribe it as an answer for potentially attempt before utilizing medicines that so enormously affect their stomach related frameworks.This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

Negative review:

I got a bag that expired 11 months ago and my dog refused to eat then I checked the expiration date and it was almost expired, I will return it. Someone contacted me and they said shipment happens right away after the manufacturing process and they will check the matter. It did not really help our puppy dog with his sensitive stomach issues and the price is dogs did not like it, it gave my dog diarrhea since switching to it. I purchased the product to my two dogs, it worked out with one of them but the other one had itchy skin, I don’t know why?

When I received the bags, some of them were open and re-taped, I was afraid to use them.


Unfortunately, when I bought Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food, I found the bag was torn apart then when I fed my dog from it he diarrhea and vomited, I bought it based on dry dog food for sensitive stomach but my dog being ill and went him to the doctor. This food is more expensive than another you should be richly to buy it .i recommended anyone want to buy this food, not paid till you see the product with your eyes and see the data of expired, you can ask your doctor before buying this product too.

My dog doesn’t like Purina ONE. It has a bad taste in addition to its bad smell. I tried to give him several times but he always refuses and run away. After that I discovered that I bought an expired product and this is the reason for the bad taste and smell. Thanks God for my dog refused eating this dry food for sensitive stomach. I don’t know how the company doesn’t notice this product is expired and become harmful for the health of the dogs. I don’t trust it and I will not try to buy it again.

Terminated be careful with purchasing, I got a pack that lapsed 11 months back! My canine would not like to eat it and I didn’t know why and I read that puppies notice when something is old and I checked the termination date and it lapsed right around a year back. Be watchful!!

Awesome puppy nourishment yet Price increment of very nearly half is strange!! Wiped out my membership. $43 one month and $63 the following… Forget about it

. Watch out for your membership costs.




dry dog food for sensitive stomach




Positive review:

It is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach which contains real chicken, lamb or salmon, it is the first ingredient in all dry dog food formulas.Omega-6 fatty acids and zinc to nourish skin and promote a healthy coat, Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy joints and mobility, antioxidants help support immune system health, No corn, wheat or soy. No artificial colors or flavors. No poultry by-product meal. It is formulated with key nutrients to help support specific needs based on dog life stage, lifestyle, breed size or other unique needs. Purina Pro Plan Focus is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach which available in a variety of formulas and flavors, 14 dry formula.

There is instructions, how gradually to switch to Purina Pro, it may takes 7 – 10 days to ease the transition from your dog’s current food. Each day, simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more Pro Plan until you’re feeding Pro Plan exclusively. The gradual transition will help avoid dietary upsets. I am really happy after I tried this formula, I tried three different foods before using it. It was recommended by a dachshund breeder, I will not turn to another. It stopped itching, skin irritation, diarrhea, all issues were gone.  Coat of my dog used to be dry, flat and dull, now it is glossy and shiny, everyone commented on its coat, the formula keeps them in great shape and good health, it is a great quality food, it exceeded my expectations. You will save money if you subscribe and delivery to your door. This dog food change my dogs life! I know this is a strong statement but it really did. My dog did not love salmon but i mix it with the canned version of the same brand for variety, I think my dog will love sensitive skin formula in more flavors. I highly recommend it.


My dog is 3 years old I don’t try to switch the Purina Pro Plan science I begin to give him for many reasons. First reason is because of its good ingredients that are in this product. Salmon and Fish Meal which are very important to lead my dog to be in great health and have a wonderful life that is full of energy. The second reason is how it is a successful product can handle with the sensitive stomach like my young dog. It was upset due to the dyspepsia and indigestion that this illness and misery continue for a long time. There is no doubt that this dry food for sensitive stomach is a perfect and excellent product which eases and relieves the stomachache that my dog was feeling. The third reason is after I introduce this product to my young dog that achieves his needs now my dog eats whole his meal unlike before I remembered when he was eating, he moved so much around the food and this makes the mess in the place where he was eating. In addition to this, the cost of this dry food for sensitive stomach when I buy it from Amazon it is bought in cheap price and I can get Purina Pro Plan in any time I want. Finally I want to say the Purina Pro Plan is a suitable diet for the dogs that are painful of sensitive stomach. This dry food for sensitive stomach is recommended by the veterinarian of my dog. I am completely satisfied with this product and my dog loves it so much because in this time he feels good because of the good health and the perfect ingredients which he eats. And aftr this progress that my dog is achieved I will not change this nourishment.


As a matter of first importance my 3 major puppies LOVE this nourishment. We used to bolster them standard Dog Chow and they ate with little fervor.

We now encourage them this sustenance blended with the Purina Pro without grain Tuna and egg dry pooch nourishment. Furthermore, now we need to seperate the 2 young men since they had their first-historically speaking tussle over their sustenance. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

They truly like it, undoubtedly about that! An or more for me is not any more furious tummies. Furthermore, I have seen a major dfference in their skin and coat. Their jacket used to look dry, level and dull, now it is reflexive and sparkly. I mean it truly is a major contrast! They all used to have dandruff on their backs and they would move on the cover to tingle it, however not any longer. In addition I have seen less puppy hair on the floor and less on me when I pet them! That makes this sustenance worth each penny. My sister has begun encouraging her pooches this nourishment, likewise, with similar outcomes. I have begun utilizing the Amazon membership benefit so month to month our puppy nourishment is conveyed. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

No all the more conveying overwhelming puppy nourishment sacks from the store. Exceptionally upbeat canines and proprietors!

Negative review:

Purina Pro is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach but it caused bad gas, loose stool and bad breath to my two dogs, it also developed horrible dandruff and itchy skin to my little puppy after five days of switching to this new food. I don’t know, how this food is for sensitive stomach!

The basic component in it is carbohydrates / sugar and this is a high percentage will affect dog’s health on the long run. Also dog food advisor gives proplan formula a 2.5 star and that means it is not recommended. The old formula was better and the new one is worse in quality and in flavor too. The last two bags I had received, were not sealed and taped on the bottom and no date code, I returned all back.


May the product of Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food is good but my dog eaten a little of it however the product considered a dry dog food for sensitive stomach and my dog has sensitive and problem stomach  but Unfortunately when I give him from it  he start vomited and being sick, he keep up refused to eat again for long time ,finally I lost my money which buy with it this product and my dog refused eating it and became sick for a long time and more sensitive.


By using Purina Pro Plan my dog faces a lot of health issues she eats a lots and gain over weight and I begin to observe that his color of his eyes is not as it was before something wrong with him. He was sick and when I went to the Veterinary Council he had to get two injections to recovery and to feel good. The veterinary said to me the cause of his illness is because of this dry food for sensitive stomach because Purina Pro Plan is expired and if I still giving this to my dog it will leads to the death.


The sustenance used to be great. I have just nourished my 2 year old Rottweiler Purina proplan delicate skin and stomach since new conceived cause that is the thing that the reproducer encouraged and prescribed. Never gave him treats or other nourishment since he has dependably had a touchy stomach and ANY other sustenance aside from his principle nourishment would give him looseness of the bowels. These most recent couple of months my puppy gradually began having issues with, shocking gas, bloated, ear throbs, shaking of head, hair dry and dropping out, sporadic looseness of the bowels, lethargicness, and solidness.

We’ve been to the vets commonly in these most recent couple of months. He has been put on a wide range of prescriptions. When I asked with Purina, there reaction was, yes the formula had changed in June however just marginally and ought not have had any impact on my puppy. At that point they offered to send me a few coupons for a greater amount of their items.

I think they ought to instruct individuals with respect to ANY progressions made to there formulas so the customer knows.

Knowing would have spared me exorbitant vet charges and curing my pooch pointlessly.

I have changed his sustenance to CANIDAE dry puppy nourishment. He is improving!! He is ready, dynamic, perky, hair is returning, less gassy, (he is as yet adjusting to new sustenance at the same time). It’s all great and improving at this point.

My sibling had prescribed this sustenance, so I went to under dry pooch nourishment. You can look into appraisals and objections of any brand. CANIDEA is exceptionally suggested at around $10 more per expansive pack.



dry dog food for sensitive stomach



Positive review:

  •         Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach, it is made to meet high quality standards and to make pet healthier. It is easy to be digested, balanced & complete nutrition for your pet, is available in canned as well as dry. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Hill’s uses only high-quality ingredients including real chicken, lamb or salmon protein. Hill’s dry pet foods have quality protein as the first ingredient and provide clinically proven antioxidant benefits, contains many useful ingredients such as: Vitamin E and minerals and amino acids and other nutrients for healthy skin & glossy coat. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back also, at first choose the best  type depending on age, requirements , flavor for your pet then subscribe and manage your deliveries, you can change anytime or cancel. Delivery to your door and save money. There is instructions to move to the new food gradually because, a lot of people will complain about stomach issues. Mix both the current food with the new food then gradually decrease the amount of the current dog food while increasing the amount of the new dog food. Continue to seven days or maybe it will take longer for full transition depending on age, health, and other factors. It is the best dry dog food for sensitive stomach, lot of cases with skin allergies showed an improvement also this product is ideal for dogs with digestive issues such as bad dog loves it very much. Another dog was shedding like crazy and  has dry skin and dull coat, I tried many products but after trying Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Dog food, its coat start to shine again and the excessive shedding and flaking  stopped.

Hill’s Science is a distinguished and special food I consider it is the best and helpful product for my dog it is like the survival chance for my dog that has many healthy problems. it has sensitive digestive systems and problems in his skin and coat. My dog is used to suffer from dry and rough skin his hair was falling down I usually found his hair in every place in the floor in the sofa and where he sleeps. It was an annoying matter besides his sensitive stomach that rejects several kinds of diets. During this time of his illness i was so sad and feeling sorry for seeing my dog in this forlorn and poor case. But I can say while I change his food to Hill’s Science product this dry food for sensitive stomach his veterinarian noticed the difference that happened to my dog. his hair becomes heavy his skin is so soft and the main thing is how this product solves the problems that my dog has with his stomach . Really this dry food for sensitive stomach can deal with the digestive system of my dog and now he is able to eat his feed without any painful issue. In deed Hill’s Science product meets what my dog demands. It provides my dog with a lot of Vitamins like Vitamin E and several kinds of minerals that plays an important role to make the dogs enjoy great health. I and my dog love this kind of dry food for sensitive stomach that provides high quality of nutrition that plays on making the life of dogs comfortable and happy. It is a very great product I will not change it as it is a very useful product for my little dog.

My 2 year old pup had truly awful gas eating his old nourishment. He’s so meticulous I attempted 3-4 different brands and he didn’t care for them. My vet proposed this brand so I gave it one final shot. My pooch cherishes this nourishment he backpedals and licks the bowl! I do give my pooch a tad bit more than bundle prescribes in light of the fact that he is VERY dynamic and needs more nourishment. He’s remained a similar weight and has been eating this sustenance for just about 5 months. His gas is gone (THANK GOD!) and his jacket has been looking awesome!

This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

Got this for our English Bulldog who typically had a wide range of skin hypersensitivities that would fly up, and has sensitivities to numerous proteins. Nonetheless, following several months on this nourishment, a large number of her sensitivity issues cleared straight up. The sustenance itself looks and possesses a scent reminiscent of much preferable quality over the Purina One we were initially giving her, and by how the pooch demonstrations, it absolutely tastes better as well!

I sustain this to my two Bichons. It has helped my most youthful one a ton. They both have touchy stomachs however he has had colitis before and has done incredible since I transformed him to this sustenance. They both appear to like it. They can be meticulous eaters and with other sustenance I would need to add something to their kibble to motivate them to eat it. Not so with this nourishment. I bolster it to my young pup who it 14 months and my dad who is 10. I was getting it at neighborhood store however they just conveyed the 4 lb sacks so I was glad to locate the bigger back on Amazon. Considerably less expensive and more helpful. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

When I got my canine, he generally had loose bowels. He was likewise continually scratching himself to the point he’d have an uncovered spot on his lower back just before his tail begins. Two or three months on this item and his hide became back and his jacket was sparkling and sound. This item is astonishing. He doesn’t have looseness of the bowels any longer so I’m happy he doesn’t need to endure that any longer.

The main drawback is the cost. It is costly however I’m happy I try this item attempt since it has had a gigantic effect. Much obliged to you Science Diet. This dry dog food for sensitive stomach.

  • Negative review:

The dry dog food for sensitive stomach, some people said that not all dogs love it and it contains too big bites for little dogs to eat. I bought the product from amazon and some bags when I received, were open and others were three years over expiration date. The dogs refused to eat it, my little dog had diarrhea with blood and started vomiting, it took three weeks to be recovered, there is something wrong related to storing the product in amazon. I was disappointed, I will return all back. It is better to get the product from pet stores. Some dogs itched like crazy and started to vomit.


Before I buy Hill’s Science to make it the main food to my dog because I hear a lot that is a good dry food for sensitive stomach and as my dog suffers a sensitive issues I decided to get it and present it to my dog but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the case of my dog because it includes some ingredients cause my dog scratches a lot and doesn’t feel relaxed. I think it is supposed to be a good product but it doesn’t suit my dog . it was the main reason for making skin diseases.

I initially nourished this puppy to our Golden retriever who turned out to be exceptionally debilitated. After $500 of vet bills, and no piece of information the issue. She declined to eat this nourishment, so we offered some to our Lab one day, and inside two hours he begins hurling a few times, so we knew it must be the sustenance. It took around two weeks for both of our mutts to recuperate. I think about how Amazon is putting away their pooch nourishment, since I have purchased a couple sacks. I have gotten a couple packs conveyed tore open, and a couple of both of my mutts declined to eat. I think I will backpedal purchasing my puppy nourishment from Pet stores. Exceptionally baffling!






Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food


I really love Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food ,all the time my dog suffer from problem in her stomach but when I fed her dry dog  food for sensitive stomach she felt better because this product contains vitamin E , minerals and amino acids and easy digestion, also my doctor advise me to buy dry dog food for sensitive stomach to my dog and feed her from it because it is not contain any artificial colors , flavors , or preservatives plus to he know that my dog need dry dog food for sensitive stomach so he recommended me to buy this product. Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food offer the best price extra to focus on the quality too .my dog seem to love the taste of Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food , I will feed her this product for the rest of her life, she  is pregnant and aim so happy , when she generated I will buy more from dry dog food for sensitive stomach to feed her young, this product made the eating of my dog more easier, I just make a call and Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food delivered in the time I determine on my door . I like product so much and it is already one of my favorite brand ever. The skin of my dog has some changes I noticed a slight improvement. Finally, it is a wonderful and perfect product and I recommended everyone to buy it for their dogs specially which has a sensitive stomach.

Second review

When I decided to buy Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food I thought that my dog will eat it because she was eating any food but I discovered that she eat a little from it and begun to vomited and finally  refused to eat  ,then I went to her doctor to see her and demand from me to not feed dog from this food and I told him that is a dry dog food for sensitive stomach and it suitable to her but he refused because it is not benefit  to the dog.









dry dog food for sensitive stomach





Positive feedback:

Well I live in a small apartment with three dogs my problem was with the little one my 2 years old dog.


After every meal, a lot of gasses comes out of him, we couldn’t stand him anymore especially it’s a small room


my first decision was to change his diet, I gave him natural food, home food and mixed between them but sadly nothing changed .


I was worried about my dog in addition to that I couldn’t stand his smell

so I went to the vet , the doctor there told me that it has a very sensitive stomach ,then he recommended Purina Pro Plan Savor Wet Dog Food as the best pro plan sensitive stomach in the market .


to be honest, I didn’t hear about this product before, so I went online to search for it .


I found that it has a decent price, that’s another point for the product


by the way, I asked the seller a lot of questions and he was so friendly with me, comforting me that my mate will be okay, and I will love the results as it’s the best pro plan sensitive stomach food


the package came right in time ,in a perfect condition as well  


I started giving him his new food, he loved it from the first bite


after four or five days the gasses became fewer with time


I was so happy with that fast results


after four weeks my dog got better, it’s health became much better, no gasses at all , it was a big mistake not hearing about this product before



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