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What is the Best Dry Dog Food for my Dogs?

what is the best dry dog food

Pricing: $ 48.99

Why it is the Best Dry Dog Food:

  We have received three of these dry dog food bags now. The dog loves them and the vet approves. What was worse, the tear was covered in packing tape that had let loose. This means it was torn before it was packed up and shipped to me. Who knows how long the bag was lying open to the air in the warehouse or how much of my food is lying on the warehouse floor.

  We bought a small bag of this food along with a large bag of taste of the wild high prairie puppy food to try because our finicky little terrier What is the best dry dog food seems to adopt fish-essence food. However, she really seems to enjoy the high prairie flavor that we’ve been feeding to our big dogs, so we will probably just stick with that one for all three. Also, this food definitely has a fishy smell to it (as it should, it contains fish!) And I would prefer to have our puppies supply closet not smell of fish.

This is definitely the best dry dog food.

  The kibble size of this food is significantly larger than the high prairie puppy chow as well, and our terrier seems to have a bit more difficulty eating it. All in all, we are really What is the best dry dog food happy with the taste of the wild, but because of the fishy smell of pacific stream and the convenience of feeding everyone the same food, we will stick with the high prairie food instead.

  Dogs don’t like it very much and two of the three – the beagle and the german shepherd have loose stools. The lab is fine but still doesn’t like it very much. It doesn’t have a grain – which is probably a good thing.

  The flavor didn’t thrill my dogs. I’ve used this brand of food for a while, but my dogs really love What is the best dry dog food the venison and bison flavor. However, very excellent quality kibble – read the ingredients, it’s good stuff.

Why it is not the Best Dry Dog Food:

  Quality food should not make dogs sick. This food was introduced slowly but none the less it made both my dogs very ill: Diarrhea with mucus, vomiting, multiple itchy hot spots, and green mucus coming out of one of my dog’s eyes. I wish I had never purchased this food. I feel so bad for my dogs. Maybe I happened to get a bad batch, who knows, but I won’t be buying from this company again.

The first time it has What does the best dog food happen. Open the bag today and it had a few cockroaches. This is not acceptable and wants my money back and a new bag.




what is the best dry dog food

Pricing: $ 27.18

Why it is the Best Dry Dog Food:

  My dog likes this food very well but it is a bit more expensive than I like to pay. This dog food is good compared to other food brands, the sharp price tag. Still, this product is not cheap but reasonably priced for the wholesome ingredients. My dog seems to like this flavor over the turkey.

One of the best dry dog foods – no grains, no fillers.

  My dog seems very happy with this dog food. I feed him grain free because he had a past reaction to certain dog foods and that is what the vet recommended. So far what is the best dry dog food it seems to be helpful for him. When ordering this, I think the price is reasonable.

  The noxious fermented-corn made me become tired, that used to emanate from my dog’s behind when he ate grain-filled food. Nothing like being enveloped by invisible stench while watching T.V. with the family. This food has eliminated that particular issue and he really seems to enjoy the taste.

My dog is not fastidious but has not been relevant to either and my friend brought their dog over with another brand of salmon what is the best dry dog food and went crazy over it. Grain-free and all dogs really like it after just a few days.

One of my dogs refused it.

That’s one out of three dogs. I did not like it because it smelled fish. I realize making a product which includes fish and does not smell fish is difficult. But it’s good product as all.

This is the food is the best nutritionally. My 2 pups think it is the best dry dog food they’ve ever eaten. Our dogs are small, medium-mixed breeds. The size of the kibbles is just perfect for all of them.

Why it is not the Best Dry Dog Food:

My dog is not picky but has not been fond of either and my friend brought their dog over with another brand of salmon and went crazy over it. Grain free and all.

The dogs eat it fine but it gives them horrible gas. We’ll go back to their Natural Balance when this is gone.

Decent dog food, he seemed to do okay on it but towards the end of the bag, he was what is the best dog food over it. he stopped eating the food. I had to order a completely different dog food and mix it, and he would try to eat around it.



what is the best dry dog food

Pricing: $ 36.47

Why it is the Best Dry Dog Food:

I have two dogs, one of them is allergic to chicken and grains. This product is a bit more expensive than I would like, but my animals are my babies so I will provide. Great product, no issues with it at all, and will be keeping them on this.

All-natural dry dog food. The dog loves it and keeps him happy. It’s tough for dogs to keep eating the same thing over and over so I mix the flavors of all the Merrick food and she loves it. Happy that there are no fillers and it looks and smells like food, What is the best dry dog food not chemicals.

Arrived on-time and in good condition.

Our dog appears to prefer the salmon over the buffalo, but he didn’t really say, just ate less and did not finish his meals as readily. I am sure with different dogs it is different, I personally did not sample the product, so this information is the second paw.

Everybody likes that this product doesn’t use ingredients from China. It seems to have high-quality ingredients and has a high rating. However, my dog seems to get quite gassy from this product. I’ll be switching back to a former brand for the best dry dog food while to see if it makes a difference.

This is the only food I trust to feed to my two large breed rescue dogs. I love that I can read all of the ingredients and it doesn’t bother their sensitive stomachs. I didn’t give five stars because of the price – it is too expensive and I wish they would lower their prices just a bit so more people could afford it. It is a high-quality product. Unfortunately, my dog can’t handle his beef. The chicken and salmon blends are great for him though.

I’m sure this is the best dry dog food. It is wonderful despite my 7-month-old puppy disliking it.

Why it is not the Best Dry Dog Food:

I ordered this a couple times and had no problems. But the last time I had a similar trouble as some others were reporting. Must have been a bad batch. Will not be making this mistake with Merrick again. My dog starting having diarrhea about two days after opening the bag and feeding her this. She stopped this food and she got better.

I adjusted my dogs What is the best dog food to this food using the package guidelines but the food gave both my dogs runny poops. They didn’t seem to be as excited about meal time as they were with other foods.

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