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Good Brands of Dog Food

good brands of dog food

Pricing: $ 17.28

Good review:

Unless the dogs are very hungry they usually don’t finish it all and we end up tossing it out. But they do like Cesar savory delights the best of all the dog food we have tried.

Dog likes it so will buy it again. My puppy likes it but grew tired of it quickly.

Wish the breakfast ones came in a big variety of the dinners.

I didn’t read where this had potatoes in it. I wanted just the plain ones.

My dog will eat this but only if she knows there is nothing else, but that’s my fault for Good brands of dog food spoiling him. They are the perfect size to slip in your bag when you are going out though and the dish works as a bowl for the littlest puppies.

This is the main flavor of dog food trays that my very picky little Japanese chin likes to eat. Will be ordering again.

Same as above. Sister likes the veggies inside the food.and it is easy for him to take it with him. The pup has been likening this for a long time.

Not that I ate it of course, but the dogs liked it

My dog eats this and he Good brands of dog food is fussy about his food.

My little dog just loves this either by itself or mixed with his dry food. His appetite is improving now that I have switched from another famous brand to car.

My dog will only eat Cesar, but this particular flavor wasn’t his absolute favorite. He would eat it sometimes and sometimes wouldn’t. Not sure why.

My dog like it, great price because I buy it by subscription and save. It doesn’t smell like some canned dog food and actually looks like something you would give a well-loved pet. Dog loves it so much.

Bad review: Good brands of dog food

My picky eater pup loves this. My dog didn’t really care for it.

My dog did not care for this flavor at all.

Bought it for our dogs when we travel. they refuse to eat it. We wound up giving it and the other flavor we bought to the shelter.

three of the items were busted opened and spoiled. Had to throw them out.

This product made two of our dogs sick, puking and diarrhea. Worst three days of my life. Never again.

My dogs will not eat this flavor altho the love other cedar seem mor be perfect Good brands of dog food product

good brands of dog food

Pricing: $ 13.57

Good review:

Dogs love them and I can’t get them at pets market any longer.

Exactly how advertised I am very happy with this purchase

Christmas gift for stuffy. She lives them.

Our dog likes these. They aren’t as better as some of the treats, but they are soft enough for his teeth and he is excited to get his treats.

My dog loves these but I bought these and just recently bought them and they went up double, maybe rethink this product.

Good product for the price I paid.

My dog looks for the ups man now that he knows he Good brands of dog food delivers bones.

My dog just loves these things. They are the right size for a treat.

My dog adores these treats. I have been buying them for years. They now sell them, then print but remain the same treats she loves.

Large dog treats for adopted pet.

My dog likes these and my local grocery stores quit carrying them.

My dogs get one just before bedtime. Trust me no one goes to bed until they get one.

Our dog loves these. They are just as good as the t-bones

The dog just loves them. Wish they were bigger for my Good brands of dog food


My lab is a Purina dog and she adores this treat, I give one after walking or when I leave home and she wants that moment craving.

My dog loves these treats. She gets one every time I leave the house. If I ever forget, she looks at me like I’m crazy.

Your adorable little peanut of a puppy will love you forever. Isn’t that all we seek in life?

I enjoyed them as much as the dog did.

My dog loves these. I do not use treats but as part of daily food intake.

Bad review:

Good product Good brands of dog food for the price I paid.

I cannot get these in the store and they are my dog’s favorite treat.

I ordered this product and just opened it last week.To my pet, the product seem to be different and when I gave it to my dogs earlier this week I figured that the product looked different. Shortly after giving it to my dogs they began to puke. Upon closer inspection of the product’s bag, I figured that. I would like a replacement sent but I don’t see any links for me to use to complete this request.

Good product but the Good brands of dog food price is not good.

good brands of dog food

Pricing: $ 7.98

Good review:

Good product, especially to mix with dry food. Dogs like it, but their favorite is grilled variety.

I’ve been feeding these to my dog for the last four years and he loves them.

I have very picky eaters. The cat All prefer home. Cooked meals.

This is amazing value. I will order again.

It is the only dog food my dog likes. My dogs love the Gravy Cravers and the order came in as I expected. On time and no dings or dents in can

My dog loves the brand, he gets what he wants. This did say Prime Slices good brands of dog food though, and it came as very wet gravy. he still loves it, but it is a lot of wet. Price is certainly right, though.

The dog is happy enough, but every single can was dented. Every single one. My mother always told me not to buy dented cans. Should I be worried?

Dog food, dog food my dog will eat. It’s not high-quality stuff but my dog loves it anyway. Wet food is only to supplement her dry which I spend a great deal more on so everything is fine.

Love the product as an extra treat to our premium good brands of dog food kibble. the doggies loved it. but the price went way up after first 2 orders.

As described. I particularly like this line because the food comes out fairly easily without the use of a utensil.

Technically, it’s my dog who loves it. but she sure does brighten up at dinner time

My dog loves this food and it is priced well.

my dog loved it, but the price went off sale and I had to get something cheaper.

My dog loves this added with her dry food and I love the suitability of having it delivered to my door.

This good brands of dog food are what my dog eats and enjoy daily.

Bad review:

I bought this food and my dogs haven’t eaten the first can they have wasted every can.

My puppy decided to get picky about his food so we tried this as a change. Some days he eats it and some day he flat refuses.

the dog didn’t eat this one bit. too much dressing. Not sure why other than taste

don’t know if I got a bad batch of these or not but I fed my dog a can and he got so sick. I’ve switched back to our regular good brands of dog food brand of dog food and tosses the rest of these.

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