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best dog food for joints

best dog food for joints

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food is the best dry dog food for senior dogs, for it is exactly made from deboned turkey as a higher source of protein, mixed with glucosamine and chondroitin for the joints and hips of your old small breed, added to it a variety of garden vegetables and fruits, for some nice fibers and antioxidants to help the digestive health, the intestinal movement and the immune system of your small breed dog, free of course of all allergy causing ingredients like whole grains and gluten for a full and perfect meal.

For years now I have found this to be the best dry dog food for senior dogs because it always lived up to my expectations of it, for example, after a couple of weeks after starting my dog on this he gradually got his health back and started releasing firmer stools and having no trouble with random rashes nor with dry and deflated skin like he used to with other brands, and another thing is that this product went a long way on supplying him with great energy un a way that now he never mopes around in boredom or like his too old or something like he used to, and the best dry dog food for senior dogs was the main reason of all that because not only it provided a solution for my dog’s allergies but also helped keep him on a good diet and in great shape for all its worth in this age, now he seems as if he never got old in the beginning and that would not have happened without this product that to top all that, gave my dog shiny skin with a healthy coat.

But in light of recent events about the best dry dog food for senior dogs, firstly I do recommend everyone to compare any local purchase of this product with purchases sealed on the internet because you as well as I did will notice a great difference in size, shape and smell which made me worried about what I was feeding my dog who tended mostly to not like the ones I bought from the internet and just refuse to eat them and he is not even a picky eater, so all of you need to watch out for this and but at your own risk.

best dog food for joints

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Senior Dog Food is the best dog food for joints’ health available, introducing a single source of high quality protein to offer the right amount of fatty amino acids in real farm raised chickens, cooked with brewers rise for carbs and whole grains such as wheat and corn for complete fibers to provide a nice digestive movement and good intestinal health, add to that all sorts of supplements like minerals and vitamins like B 12 Vitamin and D3, free of all artificial color and flavor.

My dog is a little bit old and his movement has slowed down a little with time, and in my last visit to the vet I was told that he has arthritis and that really broke my heart, until of course I heard about the best dog food for joints from a friend and decided to buy it against all odds and see what happens, I mixed the tablets with his kibble every day and he did not notice, long enough he was able to consume them all alone, then passed about six months when I saw to myself that he really improved, which was vouched for by the vet in my recent visit, his movement is getting better and his joints are in better shape which is the best thing that ever happened to make me think that this the best dog food for joints ever, while in the same time I do not have to worry about his diet anymore because he is fully attended for thanks to the blue wilderness now, and I also have to mention that because of all the vitamins found in this product he is starting to look younger every day due to his shinier skin now.

But I think even the best dog food for joints must have some issues with it because nobody is perfect, for example, one of the latest shipments I received was not like all the previous ones for my dog refused to come near it for no apparent reason which drives me to think that this new formula has something iffy about it , and another as I discovered was expired since five months which made it dryer and  odorless and it caused unreasonable laziness in my dog’s movement like he was tired all of a sudden and after a while I noticed it was the food so I cut him off of it.

best dog food for joints

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IAMS PREMIUM PROTECTION Dry Dog Food is best dry dog food for senior dogs that is featured with all premium high quality ingredients to make sure your dog will not have to suffer a day more, neither with allergies nor painful tummies, especially introduced with the senior plus component and infused with the most needed proteins for a great muscle build, carbs for sufficient energy, antioxidants and probiotics to enhance his immune system, a variety of minerals and vitamins like vitamin E and D3 for a great skin and a healthy coat.

I have a rather old dog that had a long life of constipation and overall bad digestive health, not to mention the rashes and constant itches which is why I think this is best dry dog food for senior dogs that there ever is, because since the moment I started using it his health got a lot better, especially his glowing skin and perfect coat with shiny hair, not to mention that his stools got more firm and a lot more frequent due to the good amount of fibers found in a single meal of the IAMS, which is why this is best dry dog food for senior dogs for me because it really introduced what it promised and offered me great results with my dog, and also because they are tasty judging by how thrilled he looks just at the sight of them, and I have to mention that they have great texture that is not hard so my dog can not bite it but firm enough to clean his teeth and gums so perfectly which I also noticed that happened over time, and thanks to this product my dog is younger and energetic, as if he is a puppy again.

This may be the best dry dog food for senior dogs but it also in my opinion has its problems, such as the bag being un-reseal-able which makes it a hard job to store the biscuits without the fear that they will be subject to moisture and be ruined, and the smell of the kibbles is not so much of a please either, I cannot wait until my dog finishes his meal so I can wash the bowl and get rid of that god awful smell that makes me want to let my dog have his meal outside if that is what it takes.


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