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The Best Dog Food for Loose Stool

best dog food for loose stool

Pricing: $ 17.99

Good review:

For the most part, I am rating this product based on goods and ordering status. No issues on the shipping side. I have just started giving this product to our dog, and so far I cannot tell any difference in some of her problem. She scratches a great deal and I have made several adjustments to her diet in the past week. I will provide amplifying information, once I see results or the lack of.

I started using when I got my new puppy. Has been told it will help his digestive health so far I have been very happy. Best dog food for loose stool

I love that someone finally started making probiotics designed especially for dogs. I have taken probiotics for years to help with digestion and immune function. I want my little four legged children to get those benefits too. But dogs need different probiotics than people do. So you can’t just give them some of yours. This product has the specific probiotics that dogs need in an easy to use powder. I just mixed some in with a little soft canned food and my dogs don’t even know that it is there. My dog recently had puppies and I am especially happy Best dog food for loose stool to be able to give it to them to prevent worms. This product works well and my dogs love it.

I think it helps for the density of stool and the digestion.

Our elderly toy poodle is doing well on this probiotic.

Good product and works well. Good seller and interested in her clients. I will reorder when used up.

My dog was lacking some good bacteria, this product certainly helped my dog. My dog seems to be on the recovery path.

This is a very good product. I have tried other probiotics for dogs and this has worked the Best dog food for loose stool best. It has kept our two pop mixes free from intestinal problems.

Bad review:

Directions say to use a spoon of half a spoon depending on your dog’s weight but there’s no spoon included so you don’t know how much to give and spoon you have on hand at home may be way too small to be effective or way too large and be wasteful. I used a half teaspoon size scoop and my dog gets diarrhea every single time I mix this product into her food. Every time. I will not buy this again and won’t use what I Best dog food for loose stool have – a total waste of money.

Don’t really know – the lid must have come untied because it was everywhere sent it back and did not replace.

best dog food for loose stool

Pricing: $ 23.50

Good review:

This product worked great.until it didn’t. I have given this peodict with her food and it really made a difference, no more loose stool accidents indoors. But now her bowels are as lose as they once were. and many indoor accidents.

So far so good. We’ve only had it about a week, but our dog likes it. Hoping for some long term benefits with a sensitive tummy and some crazy skin problems. Not to give TMI, but her potty breaks to seem a bit more uniform.

The dogs seem to really like the flavor, and it seems to be doing Best dog food for loose stool its job of keeping their bowels healthy.

It has sure help my little pup with constipation. Thank you. I am very happy with this product.

Product arrived on time. My dog seems to like it mixed in with his food. Need more time for results

My vet suggested that I try probiotics to mitigate my dog’s loose stool and diarrhea. Wetnoze probiotics have really helped and he’s back to normal. I mix this product with a teaspoon of yogurt every morning and my pup loves it.

Fallon loves the taste and easy to diserse in his food.

So far so Best dog food for loose stool good with the use of this probiotic supplement. I’m looking forward to updating this review in several weeks

My dogs is doing much better. No more diarrhea or straining. he was on antibiotics and that started a whole host of problem and between the probiotics and very reduced for the skin essential oils he is much better.

Excellent product. Our dog, was having serious digestive issues. We started giving her the Probiotic. she seems to be back to normal now. This stuff helped him.

I’ve been giving this to my dogs for a couple of weeks now. Their coats are Best dog food for loose stool softer, and their itchiness is much better.

Bad review:

I can’t get my dog to eat this due to the flavor.

So far so good. I was hoping it would help more with my dogs bad breath but I haven’t really figured any difference yet. But they seem to like the taste so that’s good. I think they need to be on this a little longer for me to comment on if it is helping with any digestive problems.

Has not diminish the stomache problems, in fact by dosing as stated, his stomache problems got worse, very disappointed.

changed from Best dog food for loose stool a different brand. This product smelled funny. I used it twice and the third time my dog would not eat his food. I discarded this and went back to the original brand which keeps mydog healthy.

best dog food for loose stool

Pricing: $ 19.95

Good review:

It seems to help him. No accidents since we began using it once a day.

Very handy powder form. No more trying to poke a pill down a throat or to trick my dog.

My dog likes it, so that’s good. Some addition is unpalatable so they just don’t get eaten.

my dog is doing really well. he is eating better and is more active.if it continues like this I will keep giving it to him. so far I like the product.

It’s been a couple of weeks and I think this is working. His runny stools have become solid Best dog food for loose stool and his tummy seems to be settled.

I rescue retired racing greyhounds and because of their diet their stomach is often off balance so I’m using this product as a maintenance aid, and as such, I can’t say I have noticed any difference.

I just order another one and plan to keep giving it to the Grey.

My dog has several issues, and I don’t know if this stuff has helped him, but it sure hasn’t hurt him. And while there are several other products I am giving him which may be helping, Best dog food for loose stool this may be helping as well.

I have a large dog with a problematic stomach leading to diarrhea. It was a messy problem and probably hurtful to her when she was a puppy. I started giving this to her beginning with a small amount, gradually adding more until I got to the directed amount. It firmed her stool and now I use it occasionally for maintenance and when she eats something she should not. Additionally, I started her on a grain free diet.

Not so sure about this one. Our dog seems a bit constipated since starting her on this Best dog food for loose stool product.

Bad review:

I was so disappointed to buy the small jar I bought, I found another probiotic for the same amount but larger size.

I read a lot about this prior to purchasing for my dog. she farted A LOT! And I was hoping this would help by adding natural stomach bacteria to help with digestion and her farts. But after using it for a month her farts and stools got worse. They smelt worse and her stools were runny. So I stopped and things got better. I eventually got outward hound’s slow feed bowl and no more farts Best dog food for loose stool and stools are good. It isn’t a fault of the product, just it happened not to work for my situation. I must say that the price of this formula is a steal compared to others.

I have not seen a difference in my dog, but she was previously on a probiotic miracle. But my dog no longer smells like cheese and she is not suffering from ear infections. I also put her on a grain free dog food.

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