dog food sensitive stomach

Puppy Food for Sensitive Stomach

puppy food for sensitive stomach

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Gastro Intestinal HE (High Energy) Canned Dog Food is the best there is when we talk about puppy food for sensitive stomach and the reason why is that it is formulated with great care just to meet the dietary needs of any sensitive stomach dog, for it is accumulated with high protein, high carbs and highly important antioxidants that together not only improve the health of the digestive system but also assists the GI micro flora and increases the intestinal integrity in such a way that will make your dog happy and energetic.

There are not enough reasons why this is the best puppy food for a sensitive stomach, but I have to say that my little dog found the love of his life with this product, because after a long time of suffering from an allergic response to practically everything, I had lost hope of feeding him anything that is not home made until this product had been recommended to me by a dear friend who said that I will be amazed and I indeed was for sure, my puppy liked this so much that he devours it all in minutes and always comes running for every meal, and since he started using the best puppy food for sensitive stomach he had no problems what so ever regarding his allergies so goodbye rashes and diarrhea once and for all just as I hoped from the beginning, and now after using it for a good deal of time I have to say that he is more energetic and has grown so much in the past months that I am now sure that the royal had a deep effect on considering it happened only after he started eating it so I can not recommend this enough.

But I also must say that given the fact that even if this was the best puppy food for sensitive stomach it is still pretty much expensive at $4.35 a can, so that was a reason to mix it with kibble to compensate for the meal volume, and one shipment of this product came obviously opened early because the silicon wrapper was torn and taped back so I never used it fearing that it might be expired or something so even if you are going to buy this product I would advise you to watch out.

puppy food for sensitive stomach

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Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy is a nice puppy food for sensitive stomach that seriously accommodates the needs of an allergic little dog that does not eat everything, for it is made of a simple recipe, starting with lamp as a source of protein to help growth, Rice and barley as a source of carbs for a lot of necessary energy, and free of all ingredients that may cause allergies like corn and beef and also artificial flavor, color or preservatives which makes it the perfect meal for a hungry puppy.

I had many problems regarding the diet of my cute little puppy that did not seem to be capable to eat anything without being allergic, so after many visits to the vet he recommended I try what he called the best puppy food for sensitive stomach, so I did and after a while I found out that he was right, my puppy liked it very much from the first day, and I kept watching him to see if it will hurt him in any way, but it has been six months with not one bad response, and the reason why this is the best puppy food for sensitive stomach is that it is firstly easy to prepare, all I have to do is add hot water and it is good to go, secondly it is rich with all the necessary ingredients he needs, also armed with carrots and peas as a source of fibers to help his digestive system to work well, thirdly it is professionally prepared and I can tell that by its aroma that floods the kitchen and I can tell that my dear fellow is appreciating it considering that he leaves not even a drop in his bowl.

But I think even the best puppy food for sensitive stomach can have its flaws, for example I tried other flavors of this stew and my dog just did not like them so I had to share this one with other brands to keep him on a variety of flavor, I also recommended it to my friend at work but he said that his puppy started vomiting and eating grass to ease his pain and also suffered from diarrhea for a couple of days so I guess this product does not work for every dog that tries it so check it first.



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