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Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Adult Dog Wet Food Lamb, Turkey & Chicken Formula, 13 oz (12-Pack)


Price: $29.86 & FREE Shipping.

Positive feedback:

I have a 9 years old dog, he is Golden Retriever mix. He used to have colitis and allergic skin over the past 2 years and became very lazy.

I had to prepare his food, fresh, every week. This costs me a lot because in addition to buying all essential ingredients he need, I had to buy extra supplements to make sure he is getting all his nutrients.

There were many visits to the vet to get medications and fluids for colitis and sensitivity.

I wanted to feed him a better quality of food with an affordable price, so I went for shopping in the pet stores to find limited ingredients that weren’t full of fillers and I found Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog.

Our new product CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Adult Dog Wet Food Lamb, Turkey & Chicken Formula, 13 oz (12-Pack) was in high quality and affordable price.

It was great, healthy, grain free and my dog loved it very much. It was disgusting how fast he ate it.

After using Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog, I have noticed much more improvement in his general condition; colitis which was attacking him monthly now just 3 or 4 times per year and this is a great source of pleasure for me and my dog too.

Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog has improved my dog coat and health, now he returned to play and react positively to me. What a magic product!

I highly recommend this amazing Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog product, especially for older dogs with sensitive stomach.

Negative feedback:

I have used CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Adult Dog Wet Food Lamb, Turkey & Chicken Formula, 13 oz (12-Pack) for about 2 years now.

At the first time I introduced this new food for my dog, he experienced very loose stool and diarrhea. The food was very went and I had to mix it at first to make it some firm.

After that my dog used to eat it in its original form with no problems. I give him half canned food in the morning and another dry one in the evening and he is enjoying that.

I can not recommend Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog product enough.


Price: $29.86& FREE Shipping

Positive feedback:

Canidae is an awesome brand of puppy nourishment. My little pup is a Shorkie (Yorkie Shih-Tzu) and he cherishes his day by day serving of wet pooch nourishment. He has a sensative tummy and is kinda fastidious however I have found that he adores all the Canidae kinds of wet pooch nourishment and they function admirably with his tummy. He has been eating this canine sustenance for about a year now. When I have attempted to switch things up for him to give more assortment it winds up being an untidy catastrophe and a misuse of cash. We generally wind up backpedaling to the well done. It has a pate like consistency without any lumps in it. Each time I arrange it lives up to my desires and I exceptionally prescribe this item. Additionally I have looked and cost checked at pet co, pet keen, natures pet and a couple of other independent venture pet stores and this is the best esteem.

Will keep on reordering this purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog

Completely adore it! I don’t utilize a great deal of wet nourishment for my pooches, and I just utilize a spoonful of wet sustenance blended with kibbles since my little chi has just 10 teeth left. She cherishes it and she tries to bite the kibbles however much as could reasonably be expected while it is still simple for her to swallow the kibble with the assistance of the wet nourishment. They never become weary of this flavor! Will purchase this all the time!

My pooch has colitis and hypersensitivities. For around 2 years, I was making her nourishment, crisp, each week. It begun to get costly to purchase the greater part of the fixings and also the majority of the extra supplements I needed to incorporate to guarantee she was accepting every last bit of her supplements. this purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog

I chose to search around and search for something that had constrained fixings that wasn’t brimming with fillers. Our vet recommended Canidae.

Before Canidae, my puppy would have a colitis flareup around once every month, and it was unpleasant to manage. Many excursions to the vet to get prescriptions and liquids.

this purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach dog

Since she is on Canidae, she has an erupt possibly 3-4 times each year, which is an immense change. The sustenance is constantly crisp and my meticulous pup is a fanatic of the majority of the flavors, in any case, the Pure ocean is her top choice. Due to the crisp fixings, her breath truly smells like fish, which is the main drawback (haha), yet we will take that any day of her consistent fights with colitis. I can’t reccommend this brand enough!

Negative feedback:

2 stars for this item simply because I have an inclination that I as of late got a terrible batch…otherwise 5 stars! When I opened the first can from this last clump I knew something was distinctive. It was runny and not anyplace close to the standard thing “pate” consistency. My puppy has likewise not been feeling admirably subsequent to eating it (hacking some go down). Will contact Canidae specifically and let them know this is by all accounts an awful bunch, ideally Amazon will dispose of it soon. I’ll certainly keep on using this item, just from another cluster and presumably from an alternate hotspot for some time.

Thought this was a decent quality item. It doesn’t have a solid aroma, and has a decent rundown of fixings. Be that as it may, it truly is by all accounts making my puppy sick (spewing and the runs). The vet recommended anti-infection agents, yet when we changed back to this brand the indications returned. On top of that, I simply requested another 12 jars (before acknowledging there was an issue), and the arrival strategy doesn’t enable me to send it back. Not cheerful all around.


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