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Purina Pro plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach

purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach

Pricing: $ 26.87

Good review:

I have 4 dogs and they are known for their stomach troubles. I started feeding small meals 4 times daily with the Forti flora mixed in and she has had less acid reflux and less messy stool. A very good park for this product is that it tastes good so my dog liked eating it and I didn’t have to try to give her pills because it’s a powder you sprinkle on.

Have been using on my diabetic dog for a year or so now, as she was prone to stomach issues and pancreatitis. Rarely does she seek out grass Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach to eat anymore, so must be helping! Easy to use, I feed one packet a day in his morning meal.

This works really well for my spaniel who’s tummy can be iffy. (probably because everything is food until proven otherwise).

We have a dog with IBS and it seems to help reduce her difficulty and strain. Wish it helped her bad breath and her pee killing the grass but at least her tummy is better because of this product.

My fussy dogs would not eat this item. Not the products fault but my dogs as they could tell it was Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach in their food. They were sick with giardia and the vet recommended I get this product.

Helps my dog when she’s having stomach issues. Now I give her one packet a week for digestive maintenance.

Works every time when my large Irish setter/golden retriever mix has loose stools. One dose is enough if I catch it early.

For some reason, my dog would puke almost daily, usually when his stomach is empty. We started splitting up his meals to keep something on his stomach, and we started giving this probiotic. It likes to do the trick and look after him in Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach check. Now we’re hooked and buy it every month, and it isn’t cheap, so hopefully, it is really helping and not just a placebo (for us).

Bad review:

My dog is like a vacuum and constantly had diarrhea. We were always getting meds and cooking her rice and chicken. Our vet recommended this after the last episode.she’s been taking it for a week with just regular dog food and her bowels have been very healthy looking.

My dog got the worst diarrhea. I returned this item.

My dog sniffed it out, no matter what food I hid it in and Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach of course she would not take it. You would be better off if you used capsules.

Helps my dog and has not shown any ill effects

purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach

Pricing: $ 39.98

Good review:

The dog likes the food. I don’t know if it has made any difference in here stamina but he thinks it’s ok.

This is my Great Dane’s favorite food. It also meets my requirements on what I feed him. I order this again and again.

The only food that my dog will eat and she have a sensitive stomach.

I bought this to cut the Pro Plan Sport because my dogs were putting on too much weight. Cut feeding amount down by half a cup.

The dog likes it and that’s all that matters.

My pups seem to really enjoy Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach this food. They have been eating Pro Plan for 2 years now.

My dogs love it when the dogs eat the food frequently it’s a good thing.

My dog loves this product. I switched to a different formula from Pro Plan for her last time, she won’t eat it at all. Now we are going to stick with this formula. The two-day shipping is so convenient.

I like it. My dogs LOVE it. My dogs look great. Their coats are soft and healthy looking.

Product as advertised at the best available price.

Pup seems to really like it and it Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach doesn’t give his gas.

Tem my pup loves this food we have not had and problems with the food or side effects

Bought this due to high profile advertisers. The dogs don’t really seem to care for healthy eating.

My dog enjoys it. I was disappointed by the amount of “globes” in comparison to the amount of crunchy triangular kibbles.

my doggies really like the Purina pro plan and have gained weight on it. so I have to cut back on the amount

Good Value. The price was comparable to store prices. shipping in a box, arrived unopened, great deal. Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach.

Good price for the quality of food. My dogs really enjoy this food.

Bad review:

This food made my dogs act insane. I think it made my pup extra hyper. she started peeing and pooping in the house. she would not sit still or listen to commands. I think anything that has PRO in it is like giving a dog speed.

I’m not gonna waste the time to return this as after examining it seems to be ok But the seal on the bag was very poor and part was actually open.

The bag arrived open on one end. When Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach I lifted it from the packaging box, I had 25 lbs of dog food on my kitchen floor.

purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach

Pricing: $ 28.70

Good review:

My dogs really like the chicken and rice dog food the best. It gives me a piece of mind knowing that my pets are eating healthy food. Even my cat likes this food.

For about a year, my doggie has been on Canidae soft food, I just grab different cans and dog loves them all. The first can of this, he wouldn’t even eat. So I threw most of it away. I think it was spoiled or something because now he eats it although not always fond of it.

Dogs liked it fine. The dogs liked it ok.

Good product Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach – you can really see the peas and potatoes in it. My dog has had no problems on this food and she has severe senstivity.

The food smells quite perfect, my pups love it, and it is good priced. What else could I ask for?

My dog seems to enjoy the food, but not as much as Taste of the Wild Salmon. Good ingredients and the price is super.

Pretty good dog food. Great product and delivery were timely.

I don’t like that this dog food comes out as a paste. I prefer dog food with chunks.

We mix a couple Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach of spoonfuls of this with Canidae For All Life Stages dry food, and our dogs go crazy for it. Plus their breath is fresher, their coats are shinier, and they’re in great shape. Good stuff. 4 stars because it’s so expensive.

my puppy loves this food. I feel great giving it to her and I don’t worry about the ingredients or any weird reactions. Thank you, candidate, for great quality food. there were several cans that were dented in my case that I bought.

My dogs seem to like this wet food, Ok but they seem to prefer the foods Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach with flaked fish a little better. Maybe a texture problem.

Bad review:

This smells more like cat food. My dogs ate the first can, but I mixed half with their previous food. Now they won’t touch it, even by itself.

Well, I don’t hate it, but my dog did not like it. I mix dry and wet food and she usually eats it every last morsel, but when I mixed this brand she ate a few bites and left nearly all his food behind.

Dogs will not’s not perfect product.

My dogs loved the other Canidae dog food but purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach for some reason, both my dogs are allergic to something in this food.

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