dog food sensitive stomach

Purina Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

purina sensitive stomach dog food

Pricing: $ 28.96

Good review:

Ok price, the bag was a little burst upon arrival.

Great price, food is too small or maybe I was expecting regular size, this is the first time I buy it. Is great to feed small and medium pets. But since I own a puppy well that sums it up. Although I’m not sure if my pup supposes to poop soft he never did extra soft I’m not if it is because I just recently changed his diet but this is his 4 week. I’ll post another review but meanwhile, I say is average does the job and my pup Purina sensitive stomach dog food is stopping to shade which is the main reason why I decided to switch his food. Other than that he loves it. And he’s happy not signs of sickness so I guess is good.

Just like getting at the store and price is very reasonable.

My pup and my pug are going for the taste appeal of this well, but I much prefer what they were eating which was science diet advanced fitness, but the price went way up on it.

My dogs love this dry dogs seem to love this food. It is amazing.

My little dog likes Purina sensitive stomach dog food this food real well. Small enough pieces and he seems to like the taste.

I prefer the Iams proactive health adult chunks, instead of the mini chunks. However, this food is just as good and a good substitute for the regular chunks when I can’t find it for a decent price.

Soft. Cheap. Healthy. My dog is picky, and he doesn’t really like it. Hopefully, he will soon. He’ll only eat it if I point to it and he knows I want him to.

My dog loves it! Dog likes it so I’m is a wonderful food brand. Purina sensitive stomach dog food

Bad review:

I have been getting I am for a while now but recently I realized they use byproducts which I really do not like, I feed my dog better than I feed myself so I suggest looking for byproduct free dog food, I don’t want to throw out the brand I use now, so do your research and know what’s in the food that you are feeding your pets

My dog likes it but doesn’t love it. Dog loved food and good for him. Little too much rough shipping I think.

Dog food bag was open and food all over the Purina sensitive stomach dog food box

purina sensitive stomach dog food

Pricing: $ 41.84

Good review:

My dog, a boston terrier loves this product. she looks up at me at supper time to remind me he is waiting. Her coat is amazing and shinny and at 7 years old she acts younger and is well fit

Great food for my dog. she loves this food. we have to be careful in how much to give her

My vet prescribed this for my York Chi. he has had 2 severe bouts with pancreatitis and so far this has been the only food we have found that he likes and that has kept him from getting sick again. Purina sensitive stomach dog food It took awhile for him to get to where he liked it at first because he was use to eat Little Caesars. But now I feed it to both my dogs and they also eat the dry version of this too.

My dog had stomach surgery and the hospital chose this to nurse her back to health. she interlard down the food as if it is her last meal everytime. It is easy on her digestion and my mind. After returning home, we ordered more. Less than three weeks later, he has made a recovery from surgery.

I thankful purina sensitive stomach dog food every day my little pup,almost dead losing weight parvo puppy is now 68 pounds of thriving dog!

Good value , it seem my pup like it.

I feed him this product for a day or two, then discourage his back on his regular diet (currently grain free nutro ultra, a big hit) His vet applauds this approach and has always made sure I have cans on hand. Since we got into this diet, having cans in the chamber has saved me lots of money, hurring sick pup to the vet for GI problems. Is this the solution for everyone? Purina sensitive stomach dog food

Bad review:

The last delivery contained many dented cans. I wouldn’t have taken them if they were from a bricks and mortar shop, but I felt that it would be expensive to ship them back, so I kept them

It was great service, but the price per can was over double what I usually pay. If the price were reasonable I would order it on a regular basis.

Keeping in mind that dogs, like humans are unique, my pup, who has IBS and is, admittedly, a very picky eater took one sniff of EN and walked away. he refused to even try Purina sensitive stomach dog food it. Additionally, he refused the EN dry food.

purina sensitive stomach dog food

Pricing: $ 29.52

Good review:

I have a very picky dog that is not food motivated. Since buying Nutrish Natural he looks forward to meal times. he has more energy for walks and is not always looking for treats, he just wants this food.

I would consider this to be a good budget alternative to the high price natural dog foods that are on the market. It is the only kind available at my nearest target. I have been feeding him this kind for about 5 months now and she is still Purina sensitive stomach dog food as perky and plump as ever, so it must be the lack of fillers in this food. Overall, I will be buying again and would recommend to others to try.

We have paid for higher end food but this works much better for us. Our Bulldog has allergies and food can be a pain, we switched to this and noticed her coat got better and her allergies aren’t as bad as on other brands.

Dog food advisor rates it higher than most grocery store dog food. And there is less waste in the yard. So I think it’s pretty good. Purina sensitive stomach dog food I will alternate between this and Purina naturals to give them a nice change.

Sometimes my dog will eat it, then sometimes he won’t, it does not smell as bad as some other brands.

My dogs seem to be pretty happy with this, wished he could tell me more.

Switched over and my dog seems to like this as she is eating it. Great price, was lower that what I was buying at Tractor Supply. I have a Morkie so it will be a long time before I buy another.

Not as expensive as many brands. Doesn’t contain the cheap Purina sensitive stomach dog food fillers that many grocery store brands do. Not perfect, but my dog enjoys it.

Bad review:

My dog will not eat this food. I have tried 3 bags and I have to make gravy to put on it for her to even think about eating it. It also must be sealed after opening as it will stink up the room it’s in. I bought another of her foods and my dog eats it right away.

This blend has grains, makes my shore itch.

My English Bulldog was not a fan of this food. Not sure if it as the flavor Purina sensitive stomach dog food or the fact that the pieces were tiny and kept getting stuck in his cheeks.

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