dog food sensitive stomach

Best Dog Food Sensitive Stomach

Best Dog Food Sensitive Stomach

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Instinct Grain Free Natural Wet Canned Dog Food by Nature’s Variety is the best dog food sensitive stomach product that there is considering it is made to accumulate the diet of any sensitive dog, basically with chicken as a main source of protein, add to that liver and turkey, a variety of vegetables and fruits as a perfect sources of fibers and antioxidants to sustain a good intestinal health and a nice digestive movement, and of course minerals and vitamins supplements that guarantee a healthy coat and nice skin all together.

I usually prefer dry dog food but when faced what was said to be the best dog food sensitive stomach product, I had to try it for my poor allergic little dog that always has unexplainable rashes and diarrheas, and to my surprise he liked it so much and drove me to buy him more because he refused to eat anything else, and I noticed with time that he stopped itching and started having solid stools for the first time in his life which was truly amazing, and that is all because of this grain, soy, corn, gluten free product that actually took the harm out of the harmony of a good recipe, and further reason why this is the best dog food sensitive stomach product is that it is really easy to prepare just by adding hot water to the portion of a meal then heating it up in the microwave and finally letting it to cool down a little before serving, and I found later that I must not add too much water to not make it soggy which I thought it originally was but it was my fault. And I also could mix it with kibble to serve a more solid meal and that is great.

But the best dog food sensitive stomach product has its own problems, like my friend’s dog that started pooping bloody stools and vomiting heavily after he consumed it so I guess it does not work for every dog, and also there is the matter off the flavor that is not perfect for all dogs also which drove me to mix it with dry dog food, and there is also the defected shipment that I received once with dented cans that I contacted the company about and I am waiting for a response regarding.


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