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Sensitive Skin Dog Food

sensitive skin dog food
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Positive feedback:

I Promised my son to give him a dog as he wished at his birthday when he turns 7 years, I told him to go and pick one from the shelter. Instead of buying one as they need care and love he chose a boxer and he seemed alright, so I agreed to get it sadly, three days later our dog kept biting it’s paws until it turned red. that dog is not alright! ,I didn’t know what’s the problem we decided to go to the vet and he told us that it has a very sensitive skin ,then he recommended a sensitive skin dog food and the best in the market is Purina ONE Smart Blend I told my son not to worry your buddy will be okay, we went to the internet to bought what the doctor told us we asked the seller if the vet words is right he told us that’s a great choice and it’s the best sensitive skin dog food in the market and we will see a great results.

Great deal, it has a decent price for a big package

we reached our home, we started giving our dog it’s new food , at first with low quantities then we increased it, he loved it !

After three or 4 days of eating, I thought there is no difference However,
one month later, I was amazed my dog stopped biting it’s paws, I was so happy so is my son with the results

Negative feedback:

I ordered Purina ONE Smart Blend Focus after searching for the sensitive skin dog food on the internet

The package came in a great condition ,that’s not the problem

He couldn’t bite his new food at first like his old one ,cause my little buddy has a small mouse I started mixing his old food with it’s new one

until it got along with it’s size and now his health became much better than before no hot spots or hair on the carpet.
I was amazed with it’s great results .
I highly recommend it for Sensitive Stomach and skin dogs, decent price too.



NUTRO MAX Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food


sensitive skin dog food



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Positive feedback:
Well I work far away from civilization in the dessert it was so hard for me to go to the vet, it costs a lot of time and money

I have a 12 years old dog, it had a bad smell , hot spot on his skin that kept biting ,my friend here didn’t feel so good lately, it was so tired sleeping all day and I was worried.

I didn’t know what to do on one side I have work and on the other side my buddy here looked so bad.

I couldn’t went to the vet it will take me 2 days so I called the vet and he told me to order Nutro Max Grain Free as it’s the best sensitive skin dog food

I ordered 3 pieces, as It has a decent price comparing to it’s big size
by the way the package came in a great condition, Just in time.

My buddy loved Nutro Max Adult Grain Free, mixing it with his dry food , I was so worried that he will hate it .

after five weeks friend got a lot better he stopped biting his skin, it’s health became much better, gained a healthy weight, it’s fur become thick, it was a big mistake not hearing about this product before

I highly recommend Nutro Max Adult Grain Free cause it’s the best sensitive skin dog food on the internet , you will feel the difference in no time and worth every penny, Special thanks from my dog and a happy dog owner.









sensitive skin dog food


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Positive feedback:
if you wondering why IAMS Healthy Naturals Dry Dog Food is the best sensitive skin dog food, I will tell you from beginning .

I’m 20 years old student who love his buddy Axe a 7 years old dog, lately my dog was not so good

he keeps ripping his skin,till it turns red. I told myself Axe isn’t alright
I was afraid to go to the vet then he would recommend me a very expensive treatment or food I can’t afford

but then I have no other option so, I took the risk and took my Axe and went to the vet the doctor there told me that my dog has a very sensitive stomach ,then he recommended IAMS Healthy Naturals as the best sensitive skin dog food
in the market

I didn’t hear about this product before I was afraid it would be expensive, but then I went online and found it has a very decent price
I ordered the product and the package came right in time ,then started giving the food to my dog, he loves it so much.

I didn’t know why I never changed his old food before, I was amazed with the results.

after four or five days the itching became fewer with time



Negative feedback:

I ordered the IAMS HEALTHY NATURALS after a friend saw hot spots on my dog and  in a bad shape.
He told me it’s the best best sensitive skin dog food in the market, well I loved it’s price too ,that’s not the problem
My dog didn’t pay attention to his new food till I mixed it with his old one However

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