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Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

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Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food is the best sensitive stomach dog food in the market because it is made with limited ingredients to make sure that is safe for a sensitive dog, made with fresh salmon as a single source of protein and mushed potato as a great source of carbs for energy, and exactly free of meat by-products, wheat Gluten, corn, soy, eggs or dairy and everything that may cause allergies to your dog, and it is also made without artificial color, preservatives or flavors for your dog’s safety.

At first I have to admit that having an allergic dog is worse than having an allergic baby, because when it is a dog you just do not know what to feed him anymore, but thanks to this product I do not have to worry at all, because I immediately realized the difference that it made in my dog’s life to prove it is the best sensitive stomach do food indeed, first it had no bad effects or what so ever regarding his overall health and never caused him any allergic reaction, it also relieved him of constant constipation, for he now has no problem pooping, although at first he had a couple of loose stools because of the transition, but using the best sensitive dog food, it did not take long before his digestive system adapted and was able to function easily with no trouble, but the best part is that above all he actually likes their flavor and likes when I mix the biscuits with his treats in one bowl that he finishes in minutes only waiting for the next meal, and from the moment he started on this product I could say that he fairly has a better status than before.

But as everything in life, even the best sensitive stomach dog food also has its faults, for example I notice that it does not work for everyone because my brother’s dog vomited right after eating his meal and suffered from diarrhea and tummy pain for a while after he cut them off, and once I ordered a new bag and the biscuits inside felt weird and not usual, which was noted to my dog who refused to eat them and when I checked I found that they were expired, and contacting the company did no good because I had no response what so ever after all my emails.  

Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

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Blue Buffalo Basics Limited-Ingredient Dry Adult Dog Food is the best sensitive stomach dog food that consists from a single protein source that is offered from turkey and a single source of carbs therefore energy that is found in potatoes, added to it the omega three supplement for a shiny skin and a healthy coat, and also pumpkin for a gentle intestinal movement, hence, better digestion, all free of whole grains, corn, soy and gluten and made perfectly without any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives but only with natural flavors only.

Since he was born, my dog had allergies from practically any kind of dog food that existed in the market, but among all the brands I fell on this, the best sensitive stomach dog food ever, so when I started getting bags of it I realized that my dog stopped his random itching and the rash on his skin disappeared over a period of time, and he also stopped being constipated all the time due to bad digestive health caused by his sensitiveness towards whole grains and soy or dairy, and another good aspect about this product that I consider to be the best sensitive stomach dog food ever made is that firstly the bag is reseal-able which makes it easier to store, and the biscuits are not hard though to harm my dog’s teeth, on the contrary they improved his overall teeth appearance and gave him nice gums, and above all that they ensure him a great meal because they do have good taste according to him jumping around when he sees me opening the bag to fill his bowl two or three times a day, and seriously I never expected this to happen but this product saved my dog’s life.

None the less, the best sensitive stomach dog food has problems of its own really, for example some of the bags I ordered came with an odd odor and covered with a powdery substance so I never used them and sent an email that was not answered by the company’s customer service, and my sister tried this once and her dog suffered episodes of tummy pain and started eating grass to stop it, and ended up going to the vet, with her paying a big bill there, that drove her to throw it and consider it overpriced after all.

Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

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Vital Planet Sensitive Stomach for Dogs – Natural Support for Optimum Digestive Health in Dogs – 60 Chewable tablets is the new best sensitive stomach dog food available in the country and there are many reasons why it deserves that name, first it is made by a company that is family owned and cares much about offering the best there is, so they make it with chicken as a perfect source for protein, many vegetables as sources of carbs, antioxidants and fibers to improve and assist the digestive move and the intestinal health, enzymes to ensure a great backup to the micro flora in the stomach, all made into chewable tablets with the greatest test.

This is indeed the best sensitive stomach do food for many reasons, when I first heard about them I had just known that my dog has allergies that are the cause of all his rashes and diarrheas, so I decided to try this new product and I was not disappointed at all in any way, first it has a really good taste which is made clear by how fast my dog jumps to devour them so fast that I think he even always wants more, secondly he gradually got rid of all signs of allergy thanks to this product that protected him from constant danger, and the best sensitive stomach dog food deserves the credit, because of its limited recipe that is free of grains, dairy, corn and soy that form the ultimate nightmare for any allergic dog, and this product really improved his discharge and gave it firmness, although it increased with volume at first because of containing a lot of fibers in its formula but that was fine because it did not last and now not a day goes by that my dear dog does not eat it.

However even the best sensitive stomach dog food had its own issues, for example the containing box is awfully hard to open and must be cut with a knife which makes it arbitral to store, and it sometimes caused my dog to have gas or even smell stinky at other times which made me mix it with other meals and not rely solely on it, while a friend of mine complained that his small dog suffered from flaky and dry skin with some hair loss after using it what made him eventually stop.

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