dog food sensitive stomach

dogs with sensitive stomachs

dogs with sensitive stomachs

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NUTRO Natural Choice Health Benefit Dog Treats is the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs that contain many good nutritious ingredients like chicken for some good proteins,  whole grains  such as oatmeal and wheat and pumpkin in order to secure necessary antioxidants, a nice blend of fibers such as coconut fibers to maintain good intestinal movement and dried chicory  pulp that helps to sustain the overall digestive health of your dog, and it is also free of any kind of artificial flavors , but instead infused with totally guaranteed natural flavors.

Now a reason why this is the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, is that it not only helps protects the dog’s intestinal and digestive health but also improves its overall teeth and gums hygiene, which I noticed myself when I first bought them for my dear dog that no groomer could totally clean his teeth, so after many recommendations I saw to myself that these biscuits really  do the trick, not only did they help him clean his teeth, but he also fell in love with how yummy they were, for he jumps in joy whenever I offer them to him.

And what really makes this the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs is the simple ingredients that do not complicate the meal at all, and the fact that they come in many flavors that I have to say that my dog prefers all of them but mainly loves the chicken that I find pretty odorous and nicely shaped as pyramids that are a little smaller than a penny which made them easy to swallow with no problems, and I also mention that the treats come scored in the middle so I can have no trouble breaking them apart in half if I do not want to give my dog a whole piece.

Even though this is the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, some of my friends had problems after using it concerning their dogs’ smell, some of them said that their dogs started to stink shortly after using this product, while others said that it produced giant amounts of stools due to the high percentage of fibers that it contains but that was solvable with adjusting the portions of the meals, while one person said that this product caused his dog to have loose stools and a terrible run in digesting which ended after he stopped using it.

dogs with sensitive stomachs

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Greenies Grain Free Dental Dog Treats is a product for dogs with a sensitive stomach that is guaranteed to be the complete snack for your sensitive dog, considering that it is free of all whole grains like wheat, soy, corn or gluten, hence its acceptance for an allergic dog, and it is made mainly of chickpeas and potatoes and natural flavor and may come in different packaging so you do not have to worry if that happened, and I also mention that it is accepted by vets as a tooth cleaning treat that helps prevent the formation of tartar or plaque on teeth and that is why it is the most common among dog owners as the famous American treat because it is proven to work excellently.

I have to admit that this is the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it quickly proved to have a positive effect on my dog’s teeth health that was terrible in general due to poorly made dog food or foods he is allergic to, for as long as I remember since I ever had him, he would not eat properly and always have a bad breath, so many visits to the vet were required until sheer luck drove me to the Greenies and it really worked.

The simplicity is this recipe makes it the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and the fact that it provides everything needed to sustain my dog’s good teeth healthy, and also being free of corn, wheat, soy and grains in general made it the perfect solution for my dog that is no longer irritated by random rashes or inconvenient diarrheas and now has pretty shiny skin and a life adoring attitude that is spent running around following me in my daily chores, and for all that I am ever grateful.

Even though this is the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, some of my friends had problems after using it concerning the treats in the bag as some said that they were crumbled and their dogs would not eat them, while another friend complained that has dog suffered from bad digestion several days after he started using this product, and there was one who said that his dog vomited a lot after eating his treats and ended up having diarrhea that forced his owner to change brands.


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