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Purina Dog Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals Dog Food


Positive feedback:

Well I work as a support engineer far away from civilization , it was so hard for me to go to the vet, it take a lot of time and costs a lot of money


I own a 3 years old German Shepard he always keep ribbing his skin that caused hot spots on his skin ,my dog didn’t feel so good lately, it was so hard for me to watch him in this way


I couldn’t decide what to do if I went to the vet it will take me 2 days so I called the vet explained to him my dog’s condition and he told me to order Purina Dog Chow Natural Plus Vitamins as it’s the best tasting dog food


I didn’t hear about this product before but after all he is the expert

I ordered the product the doctor told me about and started giving him a tablet after every meal


I ordered 6 pieces, as It has a decent price comparing to its effect and to store it while I’m far away at work

by the way the package came in a great condition, perfectly closed .



I don’t love it, but my dogs do. Love it.

My dog loves this food. The food doesn’t have much of a bad odor. The only drawback as of yet, she has terrible gas after eating. she is a big black lab, about 100 lbs and has always had gas problems. But, this food makes her gas almost intolerable, chase you out of the room intolerable. At all, she seems pretty happy with his food.

My kally seems to really like it. as I got it I opened it and gave her a squeeze and she ate all of it. Best tasting dog food So this seems to be a win for my pup kally.

Love this food. I have 3 dogs.

We bought a different Purina dry dog chow and our Sammy loves it. We Mx it with a can of wet dog food. Bought two bags.

I already knew what I was getting here. Have purchased this type of food before. Dog loves it.

my sotoro pup loves this food which is good as it is natural ingredients and more healthy for him. good for him and good for me. who also ate the dog Chow Naturals too.

I used to buy Best tasting dog food my pup regular Purina Dog Chow, found out was in it, changed him over to Purina Dog Chow Natural.

This is natural dog food which I feel good about and my dog loves it. he has stomach issues with a lot of food but never with this! This is a great value too.

I have been a Purina customer since age one with my pup. And all the way through the years. three Sheepdogs, two Labs, and Four Mix later. Purina and table scraps. my current pup really loves the taste and say its very amazing we depend on Purina. Best tasting dog food Always have.

Purina Dog Chow Natural Food is the best tasting dog food. It is made with real farm-raised chicken, helps support strong muscles, without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Crunchy kibble helps clean teeth, 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs. It includes essential nutrients such as DHA, to help you dog to grow up healthy and strong. Continue to nourish your dog as he becomes an adult with Purina Dog Chow Natural, a great tasting kibble that’s 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs. Complete and balanced when fed in accordance with your dog’s weight and age. This dry food has a crunchy consistency and a taste that adult dogs love. Purina Dog Chow Natural Food is the best tasting dog food, i have a dog with sensitive stomach and anything with unusual ingredients will cause to her an upset stomach, this food has been great for her stomach, he is eating faster than usual. My dogs are allergic to everything now a days. I have tried so many dog foods and this one was there favorite. I was happy to find a few good manufacturers coupons for this product were available, especially to whom have a large pet family, it will save a lot of money. I liked the smell of the kibble when I opened the bag, it smelled fresh and my dog was immediately interested in. The moment I opened the packet, my dog began to dance around with joy! He loved it. I definitely plan to buy some. I recommend the product to my friend who has an old dog, his dog loved his food very much.

The product comes in a large bag, I will not have to buy for a while. It is not overpriced, sometimes cheaper is better, delivery on time and to your door.

Negative feedback:



I even give it to him as a treat !

I highly recommend it for Sensitive Stomach and skin dogs, decent price too,Thanks


Be careful of the expiry date. The bag I got was 4 months past. While not technically bad for a dog to eat, the nutritional content is not going to be the same.

Too big of nuggets for my toy dogs. Our puppy loves this stuff, but it is way cheaper in grocery stores

I went from regular Purina dog chow to a bag of this for my Great Pyrenees. Within few days, she was going insane from the itching. her entire body was red, insides of both ears too. Making no sense if they made good tasting dog food it healthier by remove the dyes.

I bought a bag of the product that was five months after the expiry date, which is not good for animals to eat. I threw it away. The smell of the product is very strong, my dog didn’t like it when he smelled it and he walked away, I may be the best tasting dog food only if Purina has made chicken as the main ingredient and dropping the corn completely. Corn is not easily digestible. I bought before natural dog food without corn with meat as the first ingredient, it is cheaper than that one. I don’t think chicken is the first ingredients, the other components may form the high percentage of the product, so my dogs didn’t like the product also, it causes a terrible gas problem to my dog.



best tasting dog food



Good review:

The turmeric seems to be helping. It is a good addition to his prescription anti-inflammatory which I have been able to scale back with the turmeric.

So far so good. She had a pep in his step this morning, which is something I haven’t seen in a long time! I’m giving her one pill in the morning and one in the evening. She seems to be moving around more and not sleeping as much this makes me a very happy furbaby mom. I will continue her on it.thank you.

The turmeric is great for my dog. I can really notice Best tasting dog food a difference when he stopped getting it. But he is not in love with the taste. I have to cover it in peanut butter to get him to take is. I tried hiding it in his food but he left it smeared on the side of his food dish (he is pretty smart). Great product, needs better taste.

Bought turmeric for my dog who suffers from arthritis and other joint ailments. I give the tablets to him twice a day and they seem to work. He likes the taste (he is a beagle.he likes all tastes though!) So he just Best tasting dog food takes it no problem. I will keep him on turmeric to help him with his joint pain.

My old dog is feistier with this product than she was with the consequence I have been giving her for one and half years.

My dog likes it, I think. Seems to help his arthritis pain.

Love this. After about 3 weeks my boxer stopped limping and her arthritis is better. Only negative which really isn’t that bad is that he won’t hear them as a treat. Guess he doesn’t like the flavor but overall I’m very pleased and will order again. Best tasting dog food

As a caring dog owner I want to tell you the story of why i picked Amazing Turmeric for Dogs Curcumin Pet Antioxidant as the best tasting dog food.


I have a 2 years dog found it on the streets and take care of him , he is my little friend that grew up with me


sadly my little friend wasn’t so good lately he had a lot of stomach problems, I didn’t know what to do.


I asked a friend who is expert in dogs then he told me that the problem may be in its diet and I must give him something after food to help his sensitive stomach


I did what he told me and went online asking for a product with decent price with a good effect for sure


it took me a while, till I got here looking at Amazing Turmeric for Dogs .


I asked the seller if this product will be good for my dog, he told me to wait for the results as this product is the best tasting dog food


In the right time the package arrived, in a great condition ,well closed

I started giving him a tablet after every meal, one after another until he loved it, at first I think I was so worried cause my dog was getting better but in a small way


two months later, my dog was feeling great, now I see the change with my own eyes, no gasses anymore and his stomach was way better


Turmeric for Dogs is the best tasting dog food. It tastes great, small and easy to chew bite-sized bacon and beef liver flavored tablets your pet will love, perfect treats for dogs with sensitive stomach who hate taking pills and pouches; vitamins, Omega 3 fish oil salmon, probiotics, glucosamine, chondroitin, no refrigeration needed. Veterinary science approved & hypoallergenic, it works great for allergy prone dogs, joint pain, coat and skin conditions, itchy skin, flaking, and hot spots while protecting your dog’s heart, immune system, and liver. No wheat, corn, maltodextrin, animal digest, grains, soy, egg, potato, shrimp, crab, shark, gluten, avocado; proprietary canine custom formulation provides holistic nutritional boost for puppies, seniors, little or large breed. It is the best tasting dog food, no allergies, 100% safe. I have three dogs with different health issues, arthritis, muscle problem. When I started to give them turmeric, I noticed a change within just one week. They are moving easily, more alert and seem much more comfortable than has a wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective but it differ from one case to another, it worked with my dogs, it is palatable, I can hide in my dog’s meal, if he doesn’t like the pill. It doesn’t contain sugar which is great for really helps my dog’s hip pain, it worked like a magic, he can move easily now. I noticed a huge difference in his mobility. He actually runs, plays like a puppy at times and even chases his younger brothers. Slow movements have considerably been reduced. He’s more active and seems overall helped us avoid explorative surgery and made my dog active again, it is really the best tasting dog food. Money-back 30-day guarantee to see massive improvement in your dog’s condition within 30 days or they will give you a complete refund. It is fairly priced in comparison to other supplements.


Bad review:

My dogs don’t seem to like it as well at other vitamins we’ve tried for their arthritis and the tablets were harder than others. Although it seems to work.

I know that turmeric is good for you, for people and likely for dogs too, but they hate it, won’t take it so won’t do us any good. Sorry that it smells or tastes so bad, at least too bad for them.

I did not expect much but my pup started to feel more energetic and his muscles felt more relaxed. He is sleeping better and appears to be more comfortable. Best tasting dog food,I don’t like this product.




Turmeric for Dogs is hard tablets, they are not ready to split with a knife even. No attractive taste or smell and my dog does not care to eat them by himself. I put it in his food in halves but he spits this out every time.  If it is in a liquid form with attractive taste and smell that will be better. The e-mail and (the bottle, description), dose differs from each other. No noticeable improvement in his case after taking Turmeric. It did not help my dog with the itching at all, it gave the dog diarrhea and upset stomach. The product does not match the description given online or on the packaging. Bottle clearly states “no odor,” yet there is an extremely strong order coming from the may take a while to see an improvement, just be patient.





best tasting dog food






Positive feedback:



My father recommended me to go to the vet and that’s what I did he examined my dog then told me that my dog suffers from sensitive stomach and I must gave him natural food


after these words I became so sad cause I knew it will be so expensive food


he told me “don’t worry I will recommend something with a great price comparing to its effect, your dog will love it “


then he recommended Nutro Ultra Wet Dog Food as the best tasting dog food



It was exactly what I expected, perfect for my doggie.

I liked it, at least the ingredients and the quality, it looks superior to a lot of the canned food I buy them but I did not really look at the ingredients. My dogs like the taste of this products and hate carrots. It was my mistake I did not think they were that picky. So I think it is like the difference between eating clean and eating comfort food. It was too clean for them that they would not eat it at all even when they were hungry if Best tasting dog food the ingredients were more of what my dog’s palate likes, then I would have bought it again. Very nicely packaged and seemed very good quality. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

Before anything goes in my dog’s tummy I’ll give it a taste test first. The price is right and the taste is spot on (reminds me of granny’s pot roast dinners with extra gravy). This dog food tastes so good that before I knew it I and the dog’s had eaten 5 cans of the stuff. Beware that it will give you and your dog’s extreme flatulence! A Best tasting dog food few hours later our rear’s were spitting out enough toxic gas that it left us all unconscious for several hours.

Good food for your pet, read ingredients

Dogs love it. My dogs love this.

Good food for your pet, read ingredients

Dog loves this food. I hate that it’s so much packaging and pretty pricey. Would appreciate larger size container as an option.

Dogs like it. At least with this food, all the cans are intact and received in good condition.

It’s been working for my senior mini pom very well. She likes it and has solid but easy bm’s Best tasting dog food which is a plus as she uses a pad when I’m at work.


NUTRO ULTRA Wet Dog Food is the best tasting dog food. It contains twelve (12) 12.5-oz. cans. NUTRO is a combined protein sources from chicken, lamb, salmon and high quality ingredients to ensure optimal amino acid levels and great taste for your dog, in addition to sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and pure sunflower oil to help your adult dog look and feel their best every day. It is the best tasting dog food because it is a mix of 14 vibrant super foods which provides complete and balanced holistic nutrition for adult dogs and Supports lean muscle mass. NUTRO is rich in omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a radiant coat.  It’s a general dog food for all dog breeds. Keep your senior dog acting like a puppy. This food contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which keep my dog more active.  It smells good, my dog has lost weight on this formula, plus he loves it. NUTRO ULTRA is the best tasting dog food, it is good food for digestive health and was easy for the puppy to skinny dog started to gain weight. I use the product as a meal supplement, it is not expensive, and I appreciate the value and the quality. I’ve tried other dog foods. None has compared to the quality of Nutro Ultra. My dogs have never had stomach issues, it is the best food for a dog with anal problems, urinary problems too, their stools are more formed than before. It is a miracle in a can, my dog was failing a sleep all day, couldn’t see or hear but now I see a great improvements in his health, he is just like a puppy now.  I checked out and Nutro had very high reviews. Since starting the food I noticed that my dog back pain is much better and she became more energetic. The delivery is to your door.




My dog usually loves her puppy food, this brand & can in particular. But she rather starves than go near her bowl when I ordered from here. I don’t know what’s wrong with the food, I got a very smart hunting dog. I guess I’ll just have to stick to the pet store.

My puppy does not like this expensive food. Will definitely try a different brand.

My Doberman is a picky eater and will not eat this.

Bottom of pull tabs was rusted? Anyways, Best tasting dog food dog hates it. Gave him liquid poop every time he ate it. What a waste. Going back to the blue brand.


I bought two cases of the product, these two cases are a bad batch and the food made my dog sick, He has very bad bloody diarrhea, vomit  that is yellow-white and foamy, shaky back legs and some lethargy. Amazon doesn’t talk about pet food return policy so amazon will not refund me or it may fall under their 30-day return policy, I think something happened during shipment.

This pate is hard as a rock, no liquid at didn’t work for some dogs. Some cans had arrived with a significant percentage of dents in them. It contains a few chunks of meat, much gravy, the food contains harmful ingredients such as carrageenan which is dangerous food additive that gives wet dog food a gelatinous quality and it may cause gastrointestinal inflammation, ulcers, and stomach and colon cancer.


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